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Nigerians In Diaspora Paint Nigeria To Be A Very Bad Place: Written by Bismark Ekenedilichukwu

It’s a unique practice by Nigerians in diaspora to describe Nigeria as a place where nothing good could ever come from.
These lucky, privileged few get their visa, fly down to America or the Uk with a final goodbye kiss to their country and suddenly feel too good to be a Nigerian, simply because they’re astonished to discover that exotic places exist on earth, where electricity runs uninterrupted 24 hours a day, and that they enjoy good health care facilities, smooth roads, and efficient services.

It is not surprising that the harshest critics of Nigeria are in fact Nigerians who have escaped the bad situation in their homeland and find that they can no longer remain silent about the ills of their country, so they do what they know how to do best “bad mouthing”.

I’ve read so many negative articles by Nigerians in diaspora.
You’ll be surprised to see how these ‘American wannabes’ talk and write about Nigeria as if Nigeria is the worst country on earth or as if Nigeria is irredeemably bad.
Some Nigerians abroad tend to berate their fellow compatriots and bash them for trying to survive in the land of their birth.

Yes Nigeria has it’s fuckery and problems, but most of them have never visited Nigeria in years to see the improvements and level of progress made over the years. Many disporians have lost touch and would not want to identify with anything NIGERIA because they have been fed silly with the white man’s food and water. Yet, most of them sweep gutters, sell ice cream, work as maids and messengers abroad. It’s not easy for most of them but they’re condescending towards hard working Nigerians at home.

No matter where you at, you’ll always be black! A bonafide Nigerian. I wonder if you think you would be treated differently from the country where you come from. Nigerians in diaspora must put a limit to the constant dragging of naija in the mud with each little opportunity they

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‘Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.’ ~Seneca


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