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PRE-WEDDING SHOOT: A Must or Unnecessary? By Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Nigerian couples have stepped up their game!
I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the pre-wedding trend. Pre-wedding photo/video shoot is no longer a choice, it’s a given for most Naija couples. Just tell a Nigerian babe that having pre-wedding shoots is unnecessary and she’ll give you this ‘You-must-be-out-of-
your mind’ look! They crave it and live for it. I wonder why!

Pre-wedding shoots have become one of the emerging wedding trends and most couples are catching up. These days most couples create a budget allocated to pre-wedding shoots. It’s usually incorporated among the major activities leading to the wedding day.

Now that it’s becoming a MUST for love stories to be told in style, visuals and print, Every couple wants to showcase something different and creative, something to leave their single friends and admirers wishing and hoping for a love like theirs.

Pre-wedding shoots are usually done days or months before the actual wedding day. Usually, the couple try on different similar attires with captions like “save the date”. “two become one” “Tunde and Kemi 2016” and they play around with different poses in front of a camera, as they try to depict how smitten they are.

Most times these photos/videos go along with romantic captions or a poem dedicated to their partner and these shoots are posted on social media or top wedding blogs/ magazines.

Whether it’s necessary, vain or not to have pre-wedding shoots remains arguable. The fact is that, we live in a pre-wedding shoot era now, so this is just the way things have become and will be until the next big piece of sliced bread takes over.

What’s your take on pre-wedding shoots? Share your opinion in the comment box.


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