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SETTING BOUNDARIES! The Way To Go: By Bismark Ekene

Ever had someone walk into your house uninvited, straight to your bedroom without knocking on the door? Before you know it they’re in your closet checking out your personal stuff or they walk through every corner of your home as if they’re co-inhabitants. While in your home, they operate your gadgets without permission and they peruse everything within their reach.
Sometimes without asking, they’re in your kitchen helping themselves out with various edibles you’ve stocked in the fridge.

Most people do these things all in the name of feeling-at-home in someone else’s house! It could be friends, buddies, relatives or brethren from the church who exhibit this ‘we are family’…’I am entitled to your space’ attitude. They can unknowingly push the limits of your boundaries because well, they know you wouldn’t react.
Honestly, these acts can be annoying or it can deepen a relationship, depending on how the individual feels about this person.
Personally, I consider these intrusive acts VERY disrespectful. I’m not saying it’s cool to prevent people from sharing your space neither am I saying that it’s best to go the strict way, but courtesy and good manners shouldn’t be blurred out because of a close relationship. You must set boundaries!

A times we might consider the level of familiarity or closeness with someone as the reason why there must be nothing like privacy, so you always allow some folks walk into your home unannounced and do whatever they like unsupervised.
At the same time, not setting boundaries may in fact pave way for people who enjoy getting into another person’s business or space, out of curiosity.

Regrettably, over time too many relationships get severed because of over familiarity, that’s why you must set boundaries!


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