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Leonardo DiCaprio Wins First Oscar, What About Other Greats?

Leo gets his long deserving Oscar award after years of delivering stellar performances and getting all the love from movie lovers world wide. The question on everyone’s lips is, why hasn’t this A-list actor bagged this award all these years? Did he have issues with the Academy award organisers? His performance in Titanic alone should have earned him an Academy award. Hello? Django unchained!…The Great Gatsby!! Have the award organisers been asleep?

It is 22 years since he was first nominated for an Academy Award, having been nominated for best supporting actor for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’.
We can’t help admiring how he’s been consistent and hard working, while putting up a positive attitude over the years, despite several Oscar snubs!
Congrats Leo on your first Oscar win!

Now, Not everyone can win an Oscar, of course if every actor gets the gold statue, the award loses it’s value and credibility. But there are several other great actors who deliver great performances and get snubbed by the Oscars.
There are actors and actresses whose performances in movies are top notch! They fit into their characters and play roles to a tee. They have been consistent as well, yet they’ve been robbed! I don’t know if the Academy is waiting till they pass on, then they’ll get a posthumous Academy Award…*sighs*

The following actors have never been honoured by the Oscars with the coveted gold statue.
Johnny Depp
Tom cruise
Idris Elba,
Mark Wahlberg
George Clooney

Morgan Freeman (shocked)
Brad Pit
Samuel L Jackson

Will Smith
Gabrielle Union

You can add more names to the list, and mention movies the actors featured in as well.


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