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Common Mistakes Ladies Make In Relationships

If some ladies weren’t doing some of the things I’ll be discussing below while in relationships, many problems they have today wouldn’t be here. I choose to focus on ladies because they’re more vulnerable and they’re always at the receiving end. Thank me later!

—>If your man is only good at parading you and showcasing you everywhere but there’s no sign of commitment, then I’m afraid you’ve become nothing but an accessory.

My woman, my life all na wash! Make e marry you na war! Four years going nothing!
Both of you now wear to-match. You attend functions together, dressed in same attire like a couple. You’re giving all the other potential suitors signal that hey ‘this is my hubby and I’m his beloved wife’.
Hubby wey neva even marry you naim you dey die put for. I no wan call you mumu sha.

—>His family has given you ‘our wife’ tag because of the free services you render.

You pay less attention to your own mother who needs your services the most. You now cook for your mother in-law to be, you wash her clothes, you take on another family’s responsibilities because you’re foolishly in love. You believe the family is assessing and testing you to see how good a wife you’ll be to their son, when you begin to do too much, John may start seeing you as being too desperate.
Tomorrow if it doesn’t work out, you begin to wail about how John and his family members are wicked and selfish.
“After all i’ve done for him and his family, after hundred years of active service, no pension”.
Look, you’re nobody’s wife till they do what’s necessary. Those roles should only be played after their son has brought wine to your dad to ask for your hand the proper way.
Don’t make yourself too available.

—>You don’t believe in keeping it on the low. You love to intimidate your girlfriends with your man. You love public display of your romance on social media with a man who hasn’t claimed you. I’m all for people being happy, but until you get the ring and dowry, stop doing too much on social media. Why do you have to post a picture up of John touching you all over, kissing or posing in an inappropriate manner? To prove what to who? What message are you sending? I feel sorry for ladies who need validation on Social media. Tomorrow when the whole lovey lovey relationship crumbles, you’ll bow your head in shame. Your attempt at damage control will be pathetic.

—>He has not married you and he has no plans, yet you both do cohabitation or weekend crashing!

From Friday evening to Sunday morning you’re at John’s place playing wife roles. Of course it’s more of sex.
Look, a man does not own your vagina. He is not ENTITLED to you based on a time frame either. You have sex when there’s commitment. Don’t you know that you have so much power especially sexually? If you give it up whenever he wants it because he expects you to, that ring may not come anytime soon. If MORE women demanded to be taken seriously, more men would act responsibly by making effort to take you seriously as well by marrying you!
But If he can get the milk for free, why should he buy the cow? Think!

That’s all for now.


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