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A passionate Case for Caesarean Section Acceptance Among Nigerians: By Dr. Ejike Udeze

This message is intended for the men! It’s meant for the women too, for everyone. For we all have a role to play in the acceptance of CS amongst our people. So what do you do when your friend comes telling you her physician counselled she deliver by CS. That CS is the only safe way for her to deliver? What do you advice her on? To go to a
prayer house? To go and try one ‘nurse’ by the roadside? To visit the traditional woman at your village?
Note, there are laid down rules, and your doctor once he advices on CS knows that’s the best (if not the only) way for you to deliver.
“You’ll have to deliver via Caesarean section, it’s for the safety of your health and that of your unborn child”, the doctor says. Surely this is the worst medical news any pregnant mother can ever receive in this our environment. And so the society keeps on pressuring these women into going against the doctors best advice.

Yes, we must all deliver like the Hebrew women! See, even the Hebrew women these days are all opting for elective surgical deliveries. White people don’t want the pains of labour, hence most are requesting for CS. So which Hebrew women are we all still trying to emulate.

CS is about the safest surgical procedure anybody can ever embark upon. These days the woman can even lie conscious on the table as the operation goes on. Thereby limiting or completely removing the potential risk of reacting against drugs used for inducing sleep during surgeries.

Many babies have been killed by their mothers who insist on going against the doctor’s counsel. Maybe even up to or more than the number of children dying through abortions in this country.

And the worst is that when that your pastor, or traditional birth attendant has succeeded in killing your baby and injuring your health, they then still send you to the hospitals where little or nothing else can be done. Maybe when you’re coming, you’ve already killed that child, you’ve torn your self apart while trying to do like the Hebrew women. You’ve injured yourself, next is you’ll start passing urine and faeces from where you shouldn’t be. That’s if you end up not killing yourself too.

And what will your husband do? He looks for the next beautiful woman around while you go to meet your fellow dead Hebrew women.
Okay, okay, maybe am hurting, and it’s showing so much in my tone. But this is a very serious issue. The other day, a woman in her forties was rushed in from where she had been attempting vaginal delivery against her doctor’s appointment for elective CS. She had lost lots of blood. Of course when I checked, there was no fetal heartbeat anymore. She had succeeded in killing the boy, yes a dead boy. So it was a battle to save even her. Luckily enough for her the senior gynaecologist was around and she was rushed into theatre. To cut it short, she lost her womb too, it couldn’t be salvaged anymore. And this is the woman that was begged by the husband to come to the hospital as planned.

And so many cases like hers abound. The bottom line is that they all kill their babies, and some succeed in killing themselves too, or at least in permanently injuring themselves.

It is accepted that our people keep dying of their own ignorance. But what about you that is supposed to be distinguished by having the opportunity to be reading this?
What would you tell that pregnant friend of yours? Would you still ridicule that your ‘enemy’ just because she delivered by operation?

Let me tell you, it is not a strong woman or a real woman that delivers vaginally. Rather it is a very murderous one that attempts vaginal delivery against the doctor’s counsel.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook with his name “Ejike Udeze.“


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