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Can’t Help Being A Hater?

I felt like sharing this on my blog.
Do you feel threatened, hurt or really angry the moment you hear good news, success stories or achievements made by people? Are you quick to spot out the negative in all things good?
You need to heal. Rather than congratulate others or say good things on feats achieved, you compare and weigh their achievements with yours or someone else. You simply water down people’s achievements out of envy.

People who live this way often wish others failure because they realize their own words, thoughts and actions have made them that way. A healthy mind is too happy to be stressed about other people’s blessings, on the other hand the envious man may find himself wishing others misery and misfortune because he is NOT or may NEVER be as successful as the ones he wants to fail. That’s why he is envious of others living out their hopes and dreams and wants them to fail; his thoughts are wasted on people doing great!

You don’t have to lose your mind because ‘Mr A’ got your dream job or because they were recognised and rewarded for hard work. Relax and don’t get your blood pressure up!
Celebrate the little things you’ve achieved on your own merit and let those success stories spur you to do more.

Be humble enough to congratulate folks on their successes.
Envy blinds you from seeing your own achievements, you’ll be insatiable and discontented. Envy makes you feel empty and small.
Even the holy book puts it this ways, (Proverbs 14:30 – The life of the body is a heart at peace, but envy rots the bones)
You’re better than that!


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