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Common Mistakes Guys Make In Relationships

Last week i posted an article about the common mistakes ladies make in relationships. I got many great feedback. Some of my readers suggested I do a sequel with a version for the guys. Well, this is it, you know i keep to my word.
I will try to keep it brief. I hope guys find this article helpful!

You go overboard in trying to please a woman.

You’ll rather fake a life of extravagance to impress your girl. You even go borrowing and live above your means believing that’s the only way to keep her interested in you. Some apprehended criminals shown on TV were tempted to steal because of women…
Look, If you are not exactly where you want to be in your life, be plain about it. Being determined and hard working are endearing qualities. Any woman who’s dissatisfied with what you bring to the table should be reconsidered.

Telling her you love her too frequently because love dey shack your brain.
Make I ask u, u love pass Romeo? Abeg, too much of ‘I love you’ becomes boring at a point. Give her the impression that you love her BUT you’re enough on your own…just in case o!
Don’t place your lady on a high pedestal that she forgets where the ground is.

Allowing family members or friends to dictate what happens in the relationship.

You should not allow your niggas or folks have any form of control over your relationship. They shouldn’t even make decisions that directly affect your relationship. It’s your choice to make!
Everybody has an opinion, but it’s up to you to steer the ship the way you want.
I know you’re loyal to your buddies, But when your guys claim she has slept with 50 guys before you.. When dem say na Benin girl she be..say dem dey tear eye…
You won’t tell them to mind their business. Their words make meaning to you. You now accuse your girl for no reason, you probe her unnecessarily and question everything she does. Your name na sori. Keep allowing your guys dictate the steps you should take. When will you be a man?

Yielding to temptation from other women.
Errmm…You’re in a relationship yet your eyes are wandering everywhere. You’re never faithful or committed to the one who loves you. You keep stepping out of line. God will help you.

Being superficial!

You choose a woman based on appearance alone. You like them fat like a Sumo wrestler or you like them fair and shaped like Coca Cola bottle with banana legs and firm pawpaw- shaped breast..Is that all that matters?
You forget those crucial, important qualities like humility, good morals, reasoning ability, compatibility, compassion, etc
Well, I pray in the name of Jesus, that your interest in the physical won’t blind you to the essential qualities a good woman should possess. Amen!

Now you’ve seen a good, decent girl who meets all the requirements. Yet, you still don’t know what you want.
You’re not sure if she’s the one for you or not. Three years going, liver dey cut you to propose. You still dey post your girl like NIPPOST. When you see another girl, that one seems like a better option. You’re indecisive.
Bros, wetin be your problem? Shey make I soak you inside prayer or make i give you 14 lashes of koboko wey go restore your brain to factory settings?
Biko wife that your woman jare!

Thank me later!


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