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Saying Goodbye To A Decent Man

Most ladies talk about men not being good and when a good, decent one comes along they’re not serious. Some ladies are a joke;
They have a pattern. They believe there are ideal ways women should act or conduct themselves when a man shows interest in them.
“Play hard to get! Make him work hard for it. Keep him on his toes till it hurts.” These are virtues right? Cool!

You know within you, you fancy a man who has shown interest in you. You can’t help feeling those fluttering butterflies in your tummy whenever he beeps your phone line. Your knees grow weak at the sight of him. Before you sleep at night, the thoughts of him flood your mind, you cuddle your pillow as if it were him.

Yet, you see the same man the next moment, your nose is up in the air, your false attitude is on display. Smile na, for wia…You go keep face as if na quarrel. You pretend he’s not your type and he doesn’t fit. Whereas he’s your husband in your head. You’ve pictured a family and named his kids already. Chai, why make things difficult and complicated for yourself? Why put yourself through emotional torture when it’s so much easier to say “YES, I feel the same way too”.

Queen Elizabeth, The brother may not have all the patience in the world to keep tagging along. Since your standards are too high and you seem impenetrable, I don’t think you really want him as you do!

Then you wonder why all the men you want go to other ladies. The ladies you’re quick to tag desperate and cheap because they grabbed an opportunity you lost. SMH… The other ladies know what they want. They know better than to play silly games when a good man shows up.
If you desire a man as much as he desires you, admit it. It’s not that difficult.
A good man is hard to find!

‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’
Thomas A. Edison


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