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Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Pictures At Work

There’s always this temptation to take good photo shots of yourself in your cubicle and post on Facebook, as soon as you land a new job. After all, You’d want to share God’s blessings with all your friends, so it’s understandable. Right?
Suffice me to say, many folks have formed the habit of taking photos at their places of work. I don’t know how most staff do it, but I know those photos are taken when the boss ain’t looking or very early in the morning when it’s just you and few trusted staff.

They love to capture their work attires, the well designed suit or corporate gear or professional attire and of cos, the great looking work environment.
Of course, When you show up to work, looking so professional, chic or like a classic man, As a newbie, you’d want to take a photograph. It’s tempting! We’re in an age where people take photograph just about everywhere. I’ve seen photographs of doctors in the theatre operating
patients, in spite of the fact that it’s unprofessional.

People do this because they love to show off to friends on social media, just so they know you’ve landed a great job. Some people even take photographs inside their boss’ big office, sitting and posing behind his work desk before he arrives. I’ve witnessed a similar case somewhere I once worked. Even the female cleaner did it..shiooor!

I’m not trying to restrict anyone, but I hope you know you’re taking a big risk when you photograph at work? Understand the nature of your job before you go snapping.
Most top organisations wouldn’t want the public view of their inner work environment. Moreover, It’s against the ethics of most professions. Most organisations have strict limitations on photography.

If anybody wants to snitch on you or expose you, a look at your social media account is enough proof that you’ve been unproductive.
People who do not look busy are the first people looked at when firing employees. And when it happens they won’t tell you why. Now You Know…


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