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Should Couples Enter Into Marriage With A Back-Up Plan?

The question I chose to ask today is one that has always boggled my mind.
These days, people go into marriages with prerequisite of what they stand to gain if it doesn’t work. For example, those couple who insist on using legal backing to protect their assets, so that they won’t be left with nothing in case there’s a break-up or divorce.

Or say, wives who secretly create separate personal savings account on the side, without their man’s knowledge of the money. Some wives even go ahead to acquire properties without their husband’s consent. So that in case the marriage fails, they will have something to fall back to.

The most common is, men who insist on ‘testing’ the woman they intend marrying, to ascertain if she’s fertile or sexually good.
People have their reasons for these prerequisite. Though I wonder, if you can’t trust your mate why marry them? Cos it’s like they already know there could be a problem, it’s like they know the marriage may not last, that’s why people don’t take chances.

Is it wise to have some useful back-up plan before getting married or while married? Or just walk into it straight up without fears and with a positive mindset?
Please, share your views in the comment box.


3 thoughts on “Should Couples Enter Into Marriage With A Back-Up Plan?

  1. a backup plan is not bad. I’m all in support of it.
    Concerning those who ‘test’ their wives to know if they’re fertile, you can’t blame them with the numerous cases of infertility in Nigeria. It’s better to save yourself the heartaches. But it must be a combined effort, not just the guy doing the testing and the chick feeling used (if only ladies will stop feeling they’re GIVING guys something during sex)
    As for money, totally necessary. I’m all in support of it. It’s not really about trust as it is about human nature not being reliable. Many women trusting their husbands have found themselves out of their homes and mistresses taking over. Nobody wants to lose, so i think it’s not only necessary, it’s a must for every wise woman

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  2. I don’t think α lady who acquires α property, while married is doing that for back-up. Some men don’t feel comfy seeing their wives acquire such, even if it it for all their benefit, hence the secrecy.

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