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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Hi people!
As usual, we sought two lovely folks out and it’s a pleasure to have them on board as the faces of the week.

Today, we have Mr Tee as our male face, representing all the way from Dubai. He’s not only good to look at but he has it all. Tee is an African-American who prefers to keep his ‘Naija’ nationality. In the course of the interview, i asked the Business Information Systems graduate of University of Bolton, how he successfully adapted to the country (Dubai) and it’s citizens.
His words,
“I live and work in Dubai, I speak Arabic, French & a lil bit of Espanol… Dubai is a multicultural society. People in Dubai are liberal, fun and out going peeps, living life to the fullest”

He’s not just a good looking man, He’s a hard worker. We hear stories about the toil, sweat and tears of working towards achieving success, and Tee’s story is no different.
In his words. “If I die today , I will most definitely not die of shame. My life has been filled with ups & downs. My pictures and my writings are my only true story.”
Hmm…Lest I forget, he’s a ladies man! Ladies…did you hear me right? Lol..

Brief Profile

Name: Al-Amin Tijjani Aka Tee-Jay .
Nationality/state : Nigerian/Kaduna
Career/job: Property Consultant/Real Estate
Likes: Travelling all over the globe (Globe Trotter), I am a Sapiosexual, only interested in other Sapiosexuals. Socialising and networking.

Dislikes: Fake peeps , ignorance, Bigots
Hobbies: Swimming, Camping, Clubbing, Travelling, Poetry , Writing,
Quote: “The best I can be is the best that I am”
Contact: WhatsApp & Mobile: +971524216273 Snapchat: Turaki7 Instagram: Club_teejay Facebook: Tee-jay Al-amin Skype: Clubteejay

When you’re a successful young entrepreneur, business savvy and STUNNING, you are definitely a force to reckon with!

What more can I say? Dark is beautiful!
Let’s meet Debbie the CEO and Founder of Emerald Outfits.

Brief Profile

Name: Deborah Nneamaka Nwokobia
State: Lagos
School: Delta State University
Course/career: Human anatomy and cell biology
Type of business: Owns a Fashion outlet

Hobbies: Good movies
Likes/dislikes: Food/Insults
Favourite Quote: “Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands.”
Contact: 07061006130/08155553604

If you love Bismark’s cave faces of the week, you can hit them up and get to know each other, you could find out what you have in common and basically have a good time!

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.
Our selection will be fair enough without sentiments.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

Quote For The Day:
“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.”
Lee Haney


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