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How Safe Are Your Secrets?

Those who follow me on Facebook may have come across my post on sharing problems and keeping secrets.

I mentioned some important things to take into consideration before sharing a secret with a trusted friend or anyone at all. But I must say, These days, secret keeping is becoming a lost art, so the best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut when you have a dark secret!
Some people tell everyone in their circle everything. They believe that’s the best way to socialise. They want friends to see them a liberal, cool or transparent. They share their secrets to anyone they feel might like them.

You may have a secret that you’ve kept practically your whole life, and it’s eating you up inside. The moment you meet someone you feel comfortable and safe with, you could be tempted to address it by telling them because you trust him/her so much.
Of course, You feel so much better after revealing secrets. It may strengthen the friendship/relationship with the person you decided to tell.

Well, knowing that friendship isn’t always for life and often not as mutual as you may think, it’s best you keep to yourself what you wouldn’t want to hear from someone else about yourself.
If you don’t want everyone to know something bad about you, tell no one. No one cares about your secrets as much as you. Nobody has that fear of their secret becoming a widespread topic as much as you.

Moreover, everyone repeats the stuff they hear at some point in life!


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