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A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Flight Attendant – Melvin Birhiray

Being an air hostess is a dream job for many. When we think of those who work this job, the image that comes to mind is, elegance, poise, charm, smart, glamorous and sophisticated.

As a flight attendant, you get to meet celebrities, powerful people from various walks of life. You get the chance to explore different states and countries all over the world, all expense paid! Plus you spend most days/nights in 5 star hotels!
These are the perks and benefits, But keep in mind, it’s a tough job.

Ok, I caught up with Melvin a flight attendant. He’s Nigerian, Don’t mind his looks. Lol..
This handsome man was nice enough to share his work experience and the working conditions of a flight attendant on Bismark’s cave! So, have a good read.

Being a cabin crew, flight attendant or air “hostess”( as some passengers call both male and female cabin crew when they need our attention), isn’t a regular job like the financial institution, telecommunication, government parastatals etc. It’s more of a diverse career as we sometimes find ourselves being a lawyer, police man,
paramedic, FBI, nurse, fire fighters, waiter and what have you, all on-board the air plane. Though we do go through series of trainings like first aid, emergency procedures like evacuating the passengers if there’s an emergency, fighting fires, etc.

Being a flight attendant is not a typical 9 to 5 job. I sometimes (if not most times) get up as early as 4am and some unusual sporadic hours. There are days when you get delays, flight cancellations, that will nix plans for weekends and holidays spent working. The trade off and fun about the job is getting to see different parts of the world and not having to take your work home with you. Spending sunny days at the pool side of a luxury hotel or an exotic Beach.

Including the Continental dishes you get at the hotel buffets as well as all the exotic shopping sprees during the stay (thanks to the hotel allowances). Flight attendants are given a monthly schedule we call rosters. A flight attendant could work between 5 to 6 days in a week and get a day or two off. A flight attendant gets so extremely busy that he has no time for anyone or even himself other than going to a dry cleaning service to drop off his uniforms ready to be used the next day. Each work day really depends on the length of the flight and rotation. After meeting and briefing with other flight attendants, we perform the required safety and security checks before helping passengers board. We also prep up beverage and food trolleys for the cabin service. As a flight supervisor, working on the business (first) class cabin, I cook meals, and work with pilots to discuss details of the flight. After we finish our drinks and snacks service in the cabin, I engage with customers and make sure I’m visible in the aisles to keep them well taken care of. We are there for the customers’ safety and comfort and every interaction counts, so we make the most of it while in the aisles. As we have all tribes. Nationalities, classes of people with diverse cultural behavioural patterns, it’s important to be very patient and a good listener when you are a flight attendant.

Flying and dealing with passengers could be very tasking sometimes, as we have really difficult passengers who come up with different issues having in mind that all our attention should be focused on them without minding that there are other passengers that we also need to attend to. For example there are cases where during boarding, a
passenger orders you to carry his hand luggage and place in the overhead bin lockers, telling you it’s your job and you are being paid to carry their bags. Deep down inside you just want to punch the person in the face but due to the patience and training we have, we just wear that fake and cheerful smile telling him nicely we don’t lift passengers bags and pretend to assist by creating space in the overhead bin lockers where he could place the bag himself.

There are also different phases of a flight, like the air plane taxiing for take-off, then take-off, climbing( when the air plane moves from one altitude to another) cruising ( where the air plane stabilises and movement can go on within) and then descent ( air plane descending from one altitude to another) and eventually landing at the destination. At these different phases of the flight our bodies go through a lot of physiological changes.

Like gas expansion which could be in the stomach, ears, sinuses, swollen feet and so on. That’s why most times little children cry and people flying with a cold or just recovered from a cold experience pain in the ears. It is however advisable not to fly with a cold.

We also have occasions where passengers even use the air plane as a venue for birthdays, marriage proposals and even weddings.

I would conclude by saying the job could be very hectic, time consuming and very challenging. I didn’t mention competitive too. To become a flight attendant, you need to be patient, smart, withstand pressure and beautiful.

There you have it! I love this job already…lol

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MY HEART DESIRES: A Short Story by Kadiku Barakat

I sat on a bench in front of my gate and watched a girl named Tina walk past me. Tina is tall, slim and beautiful; she’s fair and has long, black and curly hair. She is what Nigerians refer to as half – caste but the proper term is bi – racial.

Her father was a rich Yoruba businessman while her mother was a beautiful Indian business woman; they probably met on one of those ‘special’ business trips. Her mother was just as rich as her husband if not richer. Tina was the heartthrob of every boy in school.
I felt pangs of envy as I watched her walk down the street. Sometimes I wish I was like her, the perfect, rich spoilt girl with so much freedom. I, on the other hand, was a poor, short, heavy set and ugly girl. I had no freedom at all.

Throughout junior secondary school, I wore oversized and loose fitting uniforms to school, no thanks to my mum, who bought oversized uniforms for me and won’t allow me get them fitted to my shape. This greatly affected my self esteem. Now my school uniforms fit well because I’m grown. But I still have self esteem issues. I always avoid people, I never want to draw any attention to myself, my fat self.

Most people think I am fat because I eat too much or because I am lazy. True enough, I eat a lot, but I really eat no more than the next person does, and my lifestyle is not sedentary. Hence I have come to the conclusion that fatness or obesity, at least in my case, is hereditary. I’m not certain, but it looks like it. Exercise, they say is the poor man’s plastic surgery, but I’m yet to see results in my own case.

I do know that one day, someday soon, maybe when am through with my secondary school education, I will be slim, beautiful, and elegantly poised like Tina. It will take a lot of hard work, devotion and dedication but I will get there, I believe I will.

So, there I was, thinking of how pathetic my life was, when Sammy walked by. I quickly sat up straight when I noticed he was coming my way, sucked in my breadth to pull in my tummy (improvised tummy tuck), and pretended to read a pamphlet that a Jehovah’s Witness preacher had handed to me earlier on.
‘Bisi’, he called, smiling at me and waved briefly. He was probably going to Tina’s place, ‘Perfect Tina’. What should I do? How should I respond? Smile and wave back? Just smile? Nod? Say Hello? But timid me just sat there and stared at him tongue tied until he walked past.

What would ‘Perfect Tina’ have done? A stupid rhetoric question. I guess she would’ve said “hello” with a charming smile, a coy look and waved back. Gosh, I felt so embarrassed, why can’t I be normal for once?
Sammy was and still is my crush; he was a back bencher right from JSS1 till now (SS3). The back seat was for the cool, non–nerdy students. Sammy is tall and very handsome, whereas I, the shortest girl in the class, always sat at the front with the rest of the nerdy weirdos.

Sammy would always say hello to me and I couldn’t figure out the reason, since I’m the most basic, uninteresting girl in the class anyone would be seen with.
He probably does that ‘out of pity’ to me. I heard a sound that cut through my sober reflections and looked up to see Sammy smiling down at me, his back to the orange setting sun which had a beautiful glow; it was a very picture perfect moment and felt just like a fantasy.

‘Am I disturbing?’ he asked, breaking the spell.
‘Do you mind if I sit beside you?’.
Wait, what? It isn’t a dream? He is really here and wants to sit beside me? What do I do now? What does he want? These thoughts raced through my brain as I shifted and made space for him to sit down beside me on the bench.
‘So how are you doing?’ he asked rather nervously
‘Fine’ I whispered, feeling the sweat all over my face, thick tongued that made it hard for me to speak properly.

His mouth opened and closed several times, indicating he wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say or how to say it. So we just sat beside each other, an awkward silence between us, desperate to say something but not quite sure what to say.

After a few awkward attempts at conversation, he gave up. We watched the sunset in front of my house in silence. Both seated on a bench on the quiet lonely street.
We didn’t touch each other physically, but our hearts were entangled.

Barakat is an undergraduate student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta studying Business Administration. She spends most of her free time reading interesting Novels and writing short stories of her own.. She can be reached on facebook with the user name Kadiku Barakat.

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Nigerian Born ‘Rhamcee Munah’ Lands His First Bollywood Acting Role!

Many A-list actors came into the movie industry with that big dream. While for some, it happened by chance and it paid off in the long run.

This story is about what happens when, as a stranger in a foreign land, you take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

I had the the pleasure of interviewing our man of the moment, Rhamcee Munah. (Remember him? Ex-face of the cave some weeks back…yea! I told you he’s a wonder)

Ok, this young Nigerian set out to India for academic pursuit. Along the line, he auditioned for his first Bollywood movie role.

And no, he never dreamt of delving into acting…Well, he just gave it a try casually, not caring if he failed in his first outing. No harm in trial as they say.

Somehow, he was able to impress the judges effortlessly with no prior acting training or experience. Luckily he got the role for this big budget Bollywood movie! HUGE!
I’m so inspired!

Looking at these pictures of Rhamcee and the rest of the cast on set, we can see that it’s a light-hearted movie with many funny moments and probably would make you laugh a couple of times. Can’t wait to see it on our screens..probably on Zee world or other cable stations!

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE MOVIE (Lost in India)…In his words:

“My scene was a competition venue in the kingdom of the bull king. It was a chilli eating competition and the villagers were present. The movie is a Chinese-Bollywood collaboration, with the main act a Chinese guy. Title is “Lost In India”. So the Chinese guy got lost somewhere in India and in his bid to find his way back, he gets into trouble and cheats and manoeuvres his way… Cheating when possible…In the competition, he wore a condom over his tongue so as not to feel the hot effect of the chilli.

Other contestants had to pass out due to the adverse effects of eating too much chilli Leaving the main act as the last man standing.

He was cheered by the on-looking crowd. Finally he won the competition and the prize…

We were 6 contestants in total, from all parts of the world. An American, a Mexican, an European, and i (the African), and 2 Asians.

The movie would be shot till June and would be out by December hopefully.”

Best believe you first read a preview of this movie on Bismark’s cave! Lol


“I feel great. After my audition, I knew I had the role.
They were like ‘wow, wow wow!’

They were so shocked when I told them it was my first time.
It was nerve-racking but I was able to pull it off. Looking forward to bigger opportunities.”

* * * * *

Ok, Who dreams about featuring in a movie where they’re a hero after winning a chilli eating contest? Lol..definitely not everyone’s grand expectation of a first movie role.

But then, even legends like Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington had to start somewhere.

I’m proud of you bro and I’m delighted to share this story FIRST on my blog. This is a great feat by a Nigerian. Who says good things can’t come from Nigerians in Diaspora?

Keep in mind, No matter where you’re from, no matter where you at, no matter your skin colour, race or status, Your dreams are VALID! Go Rhamcee! Go boy!

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Each week we hope to make someone’s day by featuring lovely photos and profiles in our “Face of the cave” column.

Congrats to Isiomah and Emmanuel for being chosen as our Faces of the Week! They absolutely rock. Let’s meet them!

Name: Ogbeide Emmanuel
State: Edo State
School: Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu (Graduate)

Course: Business Administration and management
Likes- Positive minded people, contentment and honesty.
Dislikes: Friends who take advantage of me, Rudeness, Obnoxious know-it-all people, lazy folks and greed, dishonesty.

Hobbies; Walking, travelling, exercising, watching football, surfing through the net, watching movies, listening to music, reading.
Favourite quote: ‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…’

Contact: 08060599344 or 08095605563

Name: Ruth Ozoemezin Isiomah
State: Delta
School: Houdegbe North America university (Graduate)

Course: Business Administration
Likes: Sincerity and being yourself
Dislikes: lies, taking people for granted

Hobbies: Watching movies,sightseeing
Favourite quote: ‘Never allow people intimidate you. You’re God’s best in his show room and his best plan always.’

Contact: Ozoemezin Isiomah (Facebook)

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

Quote for the day;
“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.”

We’d love for you to stay in touch with us! The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to Bismark’s cave. You can do this clicking on the ‘follow’ option.

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Does Nigeria Need To Observe The World Earth Day?

It won’t make sense to celebrate our planet Earth if you haven’t done your bit in ensuring that your environment and the society at large is habitable.

I personally think April 22nd (World Earth Day) is not for Nigerians. We are living with so much hazards and filth, we’re yet to develop maintenance culture in Nigeria, how much more, then, can we save the Earth?

I remember my stay in Bayelsa state during my youth service year. I witnessed repeated large spills from oil pipelines in their home areas. Our brothers in the Niger delta no dey try at all. These guys keep bursting oil pipelines, siphoning crude oil at every chance they get. I wake up each day to the stench of crude oil floating on the waters of the Niger Delta swamps. Till date some parts of the Niger Delta have been ruined. The people can’t fish in their waters neither can they farm on their lands due to this havoc.

Is this how we’ll protect the Earth?
We still rely heavily on generators since we live in darkness, thanks to Power denying…sorry Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN). Generator has become a necessity in this part of the world because it’s the only means through which we can relieve ourselves of suffering,
at least for few hours. Yet we don’t have atmospheric- friendly generators. How then do we join the rest of the world to mark “World Earth Day” when our generators are now estimated to form the largest block of Nigeria’s CO emissions?

But if you say u no go use gen because you’re trying to curb carbon pollution from power plants, your name na sorry. Heat go kill you. Mosquito go finish you.

What of those wey dey throwey dustbin anyhow? Our waste disposal pattern has not really changed. We still dump refuse indiscriminately on roads and streets at night when no one is watching. Some days you’ll wake up to see freshly disposed diaper, sanitary pad, rotten beans and soured ogbono soup within your surroundings. You’ll never get to know who committed the act because everyone in the
neighbourhood denies outright. You’re left to wonder if the Bastard has a conscience as you heap curse on their heads.

Even those big trucks that come to streets once a week to gather waste still dump them on a spacious land or inside lagoons, contaminating water sources. The cycle continues.

You don waka reach Boundary market Ajegunle, Mile 12 and Agric market? You see huge piles of garbage at every corner. I don’t think it’s ever taken away. It just gets decay and rotten and stinks to high heaven.

Even you wey dey shit for corner of road, you’re also part of the problem on this our planet Earth. When you eat the one you’re not suppose to eat, you greedily mix Edikang Ikong soup, ofe oha and ewedu soup together with a very large portion of Semo. When the chemical reactions in your stomach becomes a nuclear bomb and you don’t know where to release it, you bend over on the side of the road
shitting in plain sight for all to see. Sometimes you see several grown men and women squatting side by side under Lagos Mile 2 bridge. No shame!

Men urinating against walls at every hidden corner. You pass through some paths, the smell of piss is so strong, even stronger than ‘aboniki’ balm. It could cause a burning sensation in the eyes. The truth is, many of us have no idea on how to take care of the environment to stay healthy and alive.

Lastly, have you ever planted a tree to help combat climate change? Probably too big a question for a lazy generation who don’t want to do dirty jobs!

If you know you’re guilty of any of these acts or you’ve defaulted, biko don’t join the white man in demonstrating support for environmental protection.

Don’t form one yeye activist and tweet or post “World Earth Day” on social media, if you don’t want the Angry Mother Earth to swallow you!

Follow us on twitter @vykta Share your thought about this story. Leave a comment here, or sms/call us on 08039384116. Send your articles to . You can as well follow Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

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Religion Is Folly!!! Written by John Defiant

“If we all serve the same God who never changes yesterday, today and forever, Why do churches go on advertising their ministry showing off prophecies and miracles that the same God does? Is God a different
individual in all these churches or are the clergymen just advertising their con-artistic services to quickly win over weak and vulnerable minds for more congregational gathering and also ensure an appreciable increase in pocket wealth? Before una say this boy don come again, Just ask yourself what is the genuine point of advertising miracles and prophecies? Thought to ponder on..

The holy bible says God is the same yesterday, today and forever, not an inch of his word would change even though heaven and earth might pass away. The same bible also says that God destroyed the earth with water and wiped out the human race except Noah and his household (the second creation), the same bible says that Jesus came in the new
testament to abolish the laws of the old testament and preach a new love and understanding. These to me, seems like indecision, a character which is peculiar to humans and not a supreme omnipotent and omniscient God.. Humans succeeded in creating a God in a picture that fits them and makes them comfortable, one who can be indecisive, angry, hurt, love, jealousy, etc.. The changing of Laws from old testament to new testament clearly contradicts the bibles message of God remaining the same yesterday, today and forever.. me all i just have to say is, anyone who cares to listen should take time out and try and understand how this bible speaks contrasting natures of God, remove any “holy spirit guidance” and reason.. God is not man and so
therefore will not share same emotions as anger with humans, stop seeing God as a ruthless army general who is high ranking and all powerful, this is what have been placed in the minds of people, the God-mentality in a lot of people makes them live more of an imprisoned life than a useful one… and for the love of God stop seeing the bible as a time bomb that would explode on you and your house hold if you question certain tales about it, it is a book that is written by fellow humans like us ( with emphasis on humans) and not any different from your textbooks or novels (in all honesty) …

God is love, God is peace, God is life with purpose.. God lives around you in the beauty of the world.. i do not seek to infringe on anyone’s beliefs neither to do i intend to divert anyone’s attention.

Half of the people who have been quick to judge my views and call me a lost soul amongst many other things don’t even know the roots of what they believe in, a lot of people don’t even want to dare the thought of questioning stories from the bible because they have settled on what they have been told about this book and the fear of facing doom from God for questioning this book is what makes them repulsive and somewhat hostile.. in addition, i am not seeking to appeal to anybody’s mind, i totally understand however way anyone would think about me and probably say i am just on rampage and it will all soon wear out.. i understand more especially that most people are locked deep in ignorance (no disrespect) and not ready to acquire knowledge that could throw a different light about their faith but they would readily spend thousands of Nairas pursuing certificates and
degrees.. i understand that no matter how much knowledge is made available to some people, they would rather prefer not to know.. life is about learning everyday and wanting to know more, so if u fear that a God who has given you so much possibility to infinite wisdom would strike you down for seeking knowledge in life, then i fear what you believe in.

There are hundreds of religions in this world, and each and every one
of this religions individually believe they are the right and chosen religion, islam, christianity, hindu ism, judaism, Buddhism, etc..the way u see them as lost souls is how they see you too, not to talk about many religious conflicts that has ruined the world. Having an open mind and exploring other worlds outside yours does not make u a demon.. The kind of gridlock religion has placed on a lot of people, it is
amazing how it has affected even the least of common reasoning.. we go abroad and overseas to acquire knowledge and academics excellence in their schools, but acquire knowledge outside your religious sect and they will all gather to pray for you.. smh.. Call it blasphemy for finding discrepancies in the book of the bible, i call it simply being critical.”

Remember, the greatest atrocities that have been committed in this world has been done in the name of God… And when people speak up against this, they are rebuked for blasphemy and condemned as sinners for not partaking in this act of folly (revealed religion).. But here’s a food for thought, while many of you are actually ‘controlled’ by figure heads who portray themselves as chosen ones of God to lead y’all to salvation and stuff.. Y’all just making a good show for puppet owners, bringing them more audience and helping expand their reach.. The real blasphemy lies in the false intents of those who manipulate souls, delude their visions and deprive them a purposeful life, all with a schemed fantasy of salvation and righteousness.. The craftiness of the mind is never revealed by the expression of the face.. God have mercy on us all.. #ThinkWhileYouLive

John Defiant has become quite popular in recent years in speaking out about the issues of religion. He always tries to distinguish between spirituality and religion.
This time around he points out several things wrong with Christianity. He gives series of illustrations to buttress his points.

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Lung Diseases and Cigarette Smoke Exposure: Written By Dr. Ejike Udeze

There are a thousand and one diseases of the lung, and studies have shown cigarette smoking has a role in some of these diseases.
Almost everyone knows that cigarette smoking can lead to lung cancer and other lung diseases. Example of such lung diseases is what is called Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. A long name for a long disease.

Even the ministries of health in most countries do warn that smokers are likely to die young. So it can be said that everyone knows the dangers of active cigarette smoking.
But few I guess must have heard also of the dangers of staying where others are smoking. What is called passive smoking. For example living in the same house with a father or mother or husband or any such relative who smokes. The risks from this sort of exposure to cigarette smoke is even worse than that from active cigarette smoking.

Hence it can be said that passive cigarette smokers are even more likely to die young. For this explicit reason many countries have banned cigarette smoking in open environments like parks, recreational centers and on the roads.


The lungs are very important organs. And currently one can say that all such diseases related to cigarette smoking have No Cure.
Just the other day, I ran into a friend I used to know a long time ago. A man in his late thirties. And he was narrating to me how he was taken to hospital. He has been coughing frequently, and been having chest pains and other symptoms. He had lost some weight. He was told he had holes in his lungs. And though he couldn’t say what the doctor said was wrong with him, I made a spot diagnosis of emphysema, one of the Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases mentioned above.

Of course I didn’t tell him the diagnosis either, nor did I need mention that emphysema currently is incurable. And this is a man that had successfully quit smoking two years ago.
When we met he had been discharged and was to go back for a check-up. Along the course of our discussion he lamented on the number of our youths and young people who indulge both alcohol and cigarettes. Said it was deplorable, a situation where both males and females are smoking weed and cigarettes. And wished he could have a
chat or two with these younger ones.

So just like James Brown when he was talking about King Heroin, here we’re writing and reading this.
Cigarettes are one of the most useless of inventions by man.
And just like the dinosaurs should have become obsolete by now. As they have no advantage whatsoever to man, medically or otherwise. The white man now has other inventions keeping him warm. It is only habit that is keeping him from finally jettisoning that stick for good. What more of Africans living in Africa where the weather is so hot, there’s absolutely no excuse for the use of cigars and cigarettes.
Except the individual wants to come down with one lung disease or even cancer, it might only take time but mostly it comes. A single stick contains thousands of toxic substances, notable among which is the notorious arsenic acid. Other substances capable of inducing cancerous changes are also contained therein.


Surely, why not? In fact studies have shown that stopping cigarette smoking almost winds back the hands of time, at least halting the progression of the deleterious effects of cigarette on the lungs. But like all strong addictive habits it won’t be an easy task to stop. Hence calling for a high level of personal determination and motivation. It is achievable as shown by our cited friend above. Likewise the passive exposure. These smoking relatives must seclude themselves while doing their business. To avoid involving their loved ones in the downward spiral of cigarette smoking and its effects.

Bottom line, there’s no medical benefit in cigarette smoking, rather one tends to accrue harm from cigarette exposure.
Why not stop today, remove yourself from that environment where they smoke, or better still don’t start at all.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook with his name “Ejike Udeze.“

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Hi people!
I must say, our picks for the week are both unique.

Alfred has got a positive attitude, full of energy and as we can see, he’s handsome. An encounter with Alfred is never a dull moment.
One can easily see that he’s always showing good spirits. Mr Alfred Lusty’s smile is unbreakable.
I had to ask him, “why do you always keep smiling?”
He replied;
“That’s the secret to LONG LIFE bro. You hardly see wrinkles on a face that laughs and smiles a lot.”
Okay o, people like me that can bone face for Africa, shey you’ve heard him. Lol…I told Alfred that I’ve got trouble laughing and smiling in public. In fact, I’m still working on my smile. This young man gave me some useful tips on how to smile effortlessly at all times.
In his words;
“You know, I always tell my mom, worrying about things of this world ain’t gonna make them happen at that point in time. Chill, put a smile on your face, thank God for the day’s blessings and every other thing will fall into place at the right time, That’s my philosophy of life”
Let’s meet Alfred.

Name: Orji Alfred. E aka Lusty
State: Abia

School: Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture (graduate)
Field: Computer Engineering (Network Engineer)

Relationship status: Single
Hobbies :singing, travelling, cooking, surfing the internet, meeting new friends and lastly (sleeping)

How I relax: Either I listen to songs on my playlist, or I’m out with friends.
Likes/Dislikes : Honesty /Dishonesty

Favourite quote : “Do unto others what you want them do to you”
Contact: 07065191511

We also got the beautiful Erike Ozioma Evangel on board. Evangel gives off a very innocent and vulnerable look. She’s simply adorable.
Her eyes are pretty! I’m sure this description stuck with you since you laid eyes on her.
These sexy doe-eyes well positioned on a love shaped face, happens to be the most beautiful thing to behold.
Let’s meet her!

Okay my name is Erike Evangel Ozioma , from Anambra State. I’m a 300 level student of UNN( University of Nigeria, Nsukka) I’m studying Nutrition and dietetics.

I love Cooking, Reading ( big fan of John Grisham) I love dancing especially in front of my mirror. I love listening to music and taking good selfies . I enjoy hanging out with loved ones too.

I appreciate honest people so much. Lying really doesn’t pay. I love cheerful givers too. Lol
Dislikes? I hate pride, it brings about the downfall of a man.

Favourite quote: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance 💃 in the rain”
Contact : 07069572491 or

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from
now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

Quote for the day;
“To the new faces of the cave and subsequent ones, Have fun with the cave but don’t think this is where all your success would come. Success comes from working hard and working smart.”
Nnaemeka Chukwukezie (Former face of the cave)

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The Job Seeker’s Experience!

After years of job-search coupled with long hours spent daily on sites like jobberman, hotnaijajobs,, you received no positive feedback! Everyday you’re like “Lord give me a sign” “Oluwa answer my call na” Luckily, after months/years of waiting, you’re short-listed for an interview by one of the companies you probably forgot you applied for a job.

You don’t want to mess this up!
On arrival for the interview, you are shocked. It’s as though the whole Nigerian youths heard about the company’s vacancy as well. Apparently, you’re not the only one interested in the job! The old, middle aged, young, physically challenged, they all showed up.

People travelled from different states just for this interview.
Some were overly dressed, looking smart and corporate. Those fresh graduates from Unilag, Uniport, UNN, ABU, FUTO, Covenant University, their dressing and ‘forming’ alone can intimidate somebody.

Some people be ‘forming’ bonding, some go dey speak phonetics and grammar like say dey don get the job already. Lol..Don’t be moved! Na the same job bring all of una come.
On the other hand, for some people, right from the entrance gate their appearance and body language gives everyone the impression that they ain’t got the ‘balls’ to take on the job. They’ll look so cold, nervous and sombre as if job interview is the Lord’s judgement day. Abeg, be confident like say u get option brekete…(Confidence doesn’t mean you should be rude sha) people mistake both and remain jobless rude fucks!

No matter how confident and qualified you are for the position, Don’t rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you. You will need to sell yourself to the interviewer!

Back to the aspect of dress code. Many job seekers particularly those advanced in age, come looking like they just rolled out of bed and jogged to the venue. Yes I know that this set of people don waka the whole 36 states of Naija for job, some already have other businesses, so dressing good is the least of their worries.

Just a word of advice for job seekers; no matter the age bracket dress like you work there, not like someone who came to sell groundnut. Males always suit up. These days, many people dress inappropriately and this is obtainable when it’s CBT or just test phase. People feel suit is solely for interview.

I no dey brag o, but most times I go for test/ interview, the receptionists would think I’m a staff until I tell them I’m there for interview. No go wear jeans like say u be messenger or expose your body tattoo! It looks ridiculous.
The other day I saw a girl with tattoo on her hand and she came for an interview. Maybe she got the wrong interview invitation, cos me think say na club work she dey find.

Due to massive graduate turnout at interviews, interviews are in batches. 9 am batch, 9:30 am batch till say 4pm.
We have those who’ll be complaining about delays, cos they have like two interviews/ tests at two different company’s the same day.

There are also graduates who are rude at interview venues.
I wonder what goes through their minds. You’re not obeying the instructions given by the HRM, yet you need the job?
These type of job seekers can beat up their employers if given the job o!
Like the other day, someone came all the way from Benin to Lagos for the recent Etisalat job interview. She came without a proper form of identification (in fact no form of identification, i.d card etc) still she was so rude and uncouth. She talk say she wan write test quick travel go back to Benin, upon she no get the complete requirements o. The coordinator (a nice looking playful man) got angry with her. In fact, if dat babe get 100% she no go smell the job cos dem mark her face gan! You see how some people ruin rare opportunities! After they’ll be blaming their village people. *sigh*

Finally, I won’t forget the latecomers at interviews!
It’s a wrong first impression you give to potential employers. When you show up late, you make it clear that your weakness is inability to be punctual. Punctuality and efficient delivery is every Company’s core value. Job seekers, before you attend interviews be sure you know exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there before the interview day!

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SPORTS UPDATE and free betting tips! By Michael Onyegide

OLYMPICS: Nigeria Draws Sweden

Nigeria U23 will face Sweden, Colombia and Japan in Group B of the preliminary round of the 2016 Olympics men’s football event.
The draw ceremony took place Thursday afternoon at the Estadio Maracana’s auditorium. The audience at the auditorium included some esteemed figures, with representatives from all 28 delegation in attendance, as were Dunga and Oswaldo Alvarez, the respective coaches of Brazil’s men’s and women’s teams.

Brazil were zoned in Group A against Iraq, Denmark, and South Africa.
Algeria were landed in a veritable ‘Group of Death’ where they will be facing Honduras, Portugal and Argentina in Group D.
Defending champions Mexico were handed a tricky pool in the draw, having been bracketed with Korea Republic, Fiji and Germany.
~Culled from


Sometime in the summer of 2015, Claudio Ranieri made N’golo Kante his first signing for just £7million.
Kante’s move generated little or no media attention then with more notable influx of French players generating more attention. The likes of Max Gradel, Dimitri, Payet, Jordan Ayew, Andre Ayew, Idrissa Gueye, Vetereout etc generated more excitement then.

Born in Paris, Kanté began his career at Suresnes before moving to US Boulogne. He made his professional debut in the last game of the Ligue 2 season on 18 May 2012, a 1–2 home defeat for his already relegated team to A.S. Monaco.
During the 2012–13 season, he played in the third-tier Championnat National before moving to Caen and now Leicester city.


Almost eight months in, Kante is bearing the fruits of his move to England, with Leicester City launching the most audacious challenge for the English League title in recent memory.
The French man averages at least 4.4 tackles and 4.2 interceptions every game, which is the highest by any player in the Premier League this season followed by Aston Villa’s Idrissa Gueye.

His form has given rise to numerous rumours linking him to Arsenal, with the French manager reportedly ready to renew his interest, having missed out on his man a year ago. He is part of what I may term “the next golden generation” of the French team who are about to take the World by storm come this Euros and the World cup in Russia. N’Golo Kante has undoubtedly had the best few months of his professional football career in a season that could well see him lift the Premier League title with the Foxes, and also potentially join his countrymen in a bid to earn the bragging rights to be called the best in Europe.

Mr. Michael Onyegide is an Internet savvy, sports writer who is very passionate about the game of football. He holds B.Eng from Imo state university and a Telemarketing Diploma from Texas. He can be reached on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @michaelonyegide.