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The Modern Day Feminist: Written by Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson .

I’ve never had issues with the concept of feminism, which is basically about women and men having equal rights. Of course, Why shouldn’t both sexes have equal social, political, legal, and economic privileges?
Sadly, the modern day feminists have succeeded in creating a different concept of feminism aimed at destroying the family. Today’s feminists are a special breed. Quite similar to a cult.

Sorry to say, they are an angry, violent bunch of females ever ready to swarm and attack men and fellow women!
They’ve got a ‘mob mentality’. They will criticise and put down women who choose to be housewives, women who put family before career and women who choose to live in traditional roles, or even submit to
their man because they want to.

Many are never glad to see a woman standing for her marriage, in spite of the challenges she might be facing in her home.
Modern day feminist make all women look weak. They think a woman is being strong by giving her marriage up and moving to the next man for the least reason. These ‘ever angry’ feminists love telling other women to leave a man, emasculate and show him you’re more man than him.

Are they ignorant of the fact that couples go through hard times?
And that’s not all, they’re good at telling people how they should live their lives with a no-nonsense, zero-tolerance attitude. It’s all brainwashing and I’m just sick and tired of it. You can’t tell another woman what feels right for her. That degrades the purpose of “feminism,” doesn’t it?

Modern day feminists need to stop this “I can do what I want” thing because obviously there are some repercussions, despite what they say or think.
Be the woman you were created to be and STAY in your own lane! I wonder why a woman would want to be like a man. Why would a woman want to kill her God given female spirit? It’s unnatural and destructive.

Modern day feminists keep seeking independence, Independence from what again?


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