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The Job Seeker’s Experience!

After years of job-search coupled with long hours spent daily on sites like jobberman, hotnaijajobs,, you received no positive feedback! Everyday you’re like “Lord give me a sign” “Oluwa answer my call na” Luckily, after months/years of waiting, you’re short-listed for an interview by one of the companies you probably forgot you applied for a job.

You don’t want to mess this up!
On arrival for the interview, you are shocked. It’s as though the whole Nigerian youths heard about the company’s vacancy as well. Apparently, you’re not the only one interested in the job! The old, middle aged, young, physically challenged, they all showed up.

People travelled from different states just for this interview.
Some were overly dressed, looking smart and corporate. Those fresh graduates from Unilag, Uniport, UNN, ABU, FUTO, Covenant University, their dressing and ‘forming’ alone can intimidate somebody.

Some people be ‘forming’ bonding, some go dey speak phonetics and grammar like say dey don get the job already. Lol..Don’t be moved! Na the same job bring all of una come.
On the other hand, for some people, right from the entrance gate their appearance and body language gives everyone the impression that they ain’t got the ‘balls’ to take on the job. They’ll look so cold, nervous and sombre as if job interview is the Lord’s judgement day. Abeg, be confident like say u get option brekete…(Confidence doesn’t mean you should be rude sha) people mistake both and remain jobless rude fucks!

No matter how confident and qualified you are for the position, Don’t rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you. You will need to sell yourself to the interviewer!

Back to the aspect of dress code. Many job seekers particularly those advanced in age, come looking like they just rolled out of bed and jogged to the venue. Yes I know that this set of people don waka the whole 36 states of Naija for job, some already have other businesses, so dressing good is the least of their worries.

Just a word of advice for job seekers; no matter the age bracket dress like you work there, not like someone who came to sell groundnut. Males always suit up. These days, many people dress inappropriately and this is obtainable when it’s CBT or just test phase. People feel suit is solely for interview.

I no dey brag o, but most times I go for test/ interview, the receptionists would think I’m a staff until I tell them I’m there for interview. No go wear jeans like say u be messenger or expose your body tattoo! It looks ridiculous.
The other day I saw a girl with tattoo on her hand and she came for an interview. Maybe she got the wrong interview invitation, cos me think say na club work she dey find.

Due to massive graduate turnout at interviews, interviews are in batches. 9 am batch, 9:30 am batch till say 4pm.
We have those who’ll be complaining about delays, cos they have like two interviews/ tests at two different company’s the same day.

There are also graduates who are rude at interview venues.
I wonder what goes through their minds. You’re not obeying the instructions given by the HRM, yet you need the job?
These type of job seekers can beat up their employers if given the job o!
Like the other day, someone came all the way from Benin to Lagos for the recent Etisalat job interview. She came without a proper form of identification (in fact no form of identification, i.d card etc) still she was so rude and uncouth. She talk say she wan write test quick travel go back to Benin, upon she no get the complete requirements o. The coordinator (a nice looking playful man) got angry with her. In fact, if dat babe get 100% she no go smell the job cos dem mark her face gan! You see how some people ruin rare opportunities! After they’ll be blaming their village people. *sigh*

Finally, I won’t forget the latecomers at interviews!
It’s a wrong first impression you give to potential employers. When you show up late, you make it clear that your weakness is inability to be punctual. Punctuality and efficient delivery is every Company’s core value. Job seekers, before you attend interviews be sure you know exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there before the interview day!


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