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Religion Is Folly!!! Written by John Defiant

“If we all serve the same God who never changes yesterday, today and forever, Why do churches go on advertising their ministry showing off prophecies and miracles that the same God does? Is God a different
individual in all these churches or are the clergymen just advertising their con-artistic services to quickly win over weak and vulnerable minds for more congregational gathering and also ensure an appreciable increase in pocket wealth? Before una say this boy don come again, Just ask yourself what is the genuine point of advertising miracles and prophecies? Thought to ponder on..

The holy bible says God is the same yesterday, today and forever, not an inch of his word would change even though heaven and earth might pass away. The same bible also says that God destroyed the earth with water and wiped out the human race except Noah and his household (the second creation), the same bible says that Jesus came in the new
testament to abolish the laws of the old testament and preach a new love and understanding. These to me, seems like indecision, a character which is peculiar to humans and not a supreme omnipotent and omniscient God.. Humans succeeded in creating a God in a picture that fits them and makes them comfortable, one who can be indecisive, angry, hurt, love, jealousy, etc.. The changing of Laws from old testament to new testament clearly contradicts the bibles message of God remaining the same yesterday, today and forever.. me all i just have to say is, anyone who cares to listen should take time out and try and understand how this bible speaks contrasting natures of God, remove any “holy spirit guidance” and reason.. God is not man and so
therefore will not share same emotions as anger with humans, stop seeing God as a ruthless army general who is high ranking and all powerful, this is what have been placed in the minds of people, the God-mentality in a lot of people makes them live more of an imprisoned life than a useful one… and for the love of God stop seeing the bible as a time bomb that would explode on you and your house hold if you question certain tales about it, it is a book that is written by fellow humans like us ( with emphasis on humans) and not any different from your textbooks or novels (in all honesty) …

God is love, God is peace, God is life with purpose.. God lives around you in the beauty of the world.. i do not seek to infringe on anyone’s beliefs neither to do i intend to divert anyone’s attention.

Half of the people who have been quick to judge my views and call me a lost soul amongst many other things don’t even know the roots of what they believe in, a lot of people don’t even want to dare the thought of questioning stories from the bible because they have settled on what they have been told about this book and the fear of facing doom from God for questioning this book is what makes them repulsive and somewhat hostile.. in addition, i am not seeking to appeal to anybody’s mind, i totally understand however way anyone would think about me and probably say i am just on rampage and it will all soon wear out.. i understand more especially that most people are locked deep in ignorance (no disrespect) and not ready to acquire knowledge that could throw a different light about their faith but they would readily spend thousands of Nairas pursuing certificates and
degrees.. i understand that no matter how much knowledge is made available to some people, they would rather prefer not to know.. life is about learning everyday and wanting to know more, so if u fear that a God who has given you so much possibility to infinite wisdom would strike you down for seeking knowledge in life, then i fear what you believe in.

There are hundreds of religions in this world, and each and every one
of this religions individually believe they are the right and chosen religion, islam, christianity, hindu ism, judaism, Buddhism, etc..the way u see them as lost souls is how they see you too, not to talk about many religious conflicts that has ruined the world. Having an open mind and exploring other worlds outside yours does not make u a demon.. The kind of gridlock religion has placed on a lot of people, it is
amazing how it has affected even the least of common reasoning.. we go abroad and overseas to acquire knowledge and academics excellence in their schools, but acquire knowledge outside your religious sect and they will all gather to pray for you.. smh.. Call it blasphemy for finding discrepancies in the book of the bible, i call it simply being critical.”

Remember, the greatest atrocities that have been committed in this world has been done in the name of God… And when people speak up against this, they are rebuked for blasphemy and condemned as sinners for not partaking in this act of folly (revealed religion).. But here’s a food for thought, while many of you are actually ‘controlled’ by figure heads who portray themselves as chosen ones of God to lead y’all to salvation and stuff.. Y’all just making a good show for puppet owners, bringing them more audience and helping expand their reach.. The real blasphemy lies in the false intents of those who manipulate souls, delude their visions and deprive them a purposeful life, all with a schemed fantasy of salvation and righteousness.. The craftiness of the mind is never revealed by the expression of the face.. God have mercy on us all.. #ThinkWhileYouLive

John Defiant has become quite popular in recent years in speaking out about the issues of religion. He always tries to distinguish between spirituality and religion.
This time around he points out several things wrong with Christianity. He gives series of illustrations to buttress his points.


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