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Does Nigeria Need To Observe The World Earth Day?

It won’t make sense to celebrate our planet Earth if you haven’t done your bit in ensuring that your environment and the society at large is habitable.

I personally think April 22nd (World Earth Day) is not for Nigerians. We are living with so much hazards and filth, we’re yet to develop maintenance culture in Nigeria, how much more, then, can we save the Earth?

I remember my stay in Bayelsa state during my youth service year. I witnessed repeated large spills from oil pipelines in their home areas. Our brothers in the Niger delta no dey try at all. These guys keep bursting oil pipelines, siphoning crude oil at every chance they get. I wake up each day to the stench of crude oil floating on the waters of the Niger Delta swamps. Till date some parts of the Niger Delta have been ruined. The people can’t fish in their waters neither can they farm on their lands due to this havoc.

Is this how we’ll protect the Earth?
We still rely heavily on generators since we live in darkness, thanks to Power denying…sorry Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN). Generator has become a necessity in this part of the world because it’s the only means through which we can relieve ourselves of suffering,
at least for few hours. Yet we don’t have atmospheric- friendly generators. How then do we join the rest of the world to mark “World Earth Day” when our generators are now estimated to form the largest block of Nigeria’s CO emissions?

But if you say u no go use gen because you’re trying to curb carbon pollution from power plants, your name na sorry. Heat go kill you. Mosquito go finish you.

What of those wey dey throwey dustbin anyhow? Our waste disposal pattern has not really changed. We still dump refuse indiscriminately on roads and streets at night when no one is watching. Some days you’ll wake up to see freshly disposed diaper, sanitary pad, rotten beans and soured ogbono soup within your surroundings. You’ll never get to know who committed the act because everyone in the
neighbourhood denies outright. You’re left to wonder if the Bastard has a conscience as you heap curse on their heads.

Even those big trucks that come to streets once a week to gather waste still dump them on a spacious land or inside lagoons, contaminating water sources. The cycle continues.

You don waka reach Boundary market Ajegunle, Mile 12 and Agric market? You see huge piles of garbage at every corner. I don’t think it’s ever taken away. It just gets decay and rotten and stinks to high heaven.

Even you wey dey shit for corner of road, you’re also part of the problem on this our planet Earth. When you eat the one you’re not suppose to eat, you greedily mix Edikang Ikong soup, ofe oha and ewedu soup together with a very large portion of Semo. When the chemical reactions in your stomach becomes a nuclear bomb and you don’t know where to release it, you bend over on the side of the road
shitting in plain sight for all to see. Sometimes you see several grown men and women squatting side by side under Lagos Mile 2 bridge. No shame!

Men urinating against walls at every hidden corner. You pass through some paths, the smell of piss is so strong, even stronger than ‘aboniki’ balm. It could cause a burning sensation in the eyes. The truth is, many of us have no idea on how to take care of the environment to stay healthy and alive.

Lastly, have you ever planted a tree to help combat climate change? Probably too big a question for a lazy generation who don’t want to do dirty jobs!

If you know you’re guilty of any of these acts or you’ve defaulted, biko don’t join the white man in demonstrating support for environmental protection.

Don’t form one yeye activist and tweet or post “World Earth Day” on social media, if you don’t want the Angry Mother Earth to swallow you!

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