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Nigerian Born ‘Rhamcee Munah’ Lands His First Bollywood Acting Role!

Many A-list actors came into the movie industry with that big dream. While for some, it happened by chance and it paid off in the long run.

This story is about what happens when, as a stranger in a foreign land, you take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

I had the the pleasure of interviewing our man of the moment, Rhamcee Munah. (Remember him? Ex-face of the cave some weeks back…yea! I told you he’s a wonder)

Ok, this young Nigerian set out to India for academic pursuit. Along the line, he auditioned for his first Bollywood movie role.

And no, he never dreamt of delving into acting…Well, he just gave it a try casually, not caring if he failed in his first outing. No harm in trial as they say.

Somehow, he was able to impress the judges effortlessly with no prior acting training or experience. Luckily he got the role for this big budget Bollywood movie! HUGE!
I’m so inspired!

Looking at these pictures of Rhamcee and the rest of the cast on set, we can see that it’s a light-hearted movie with many funny moments and probably would make you laugh a couple of times. Can’t wait to see it on our screens..probably on Zee world or other cable stations!

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE MOVIE (Lost in India)…In his words:

“My scene was a competition venue in the kingdom of the bull king. It was a chilli eating competition and the villagers were present. The movie is a Chinese-Bollywood collaboration, with the main act a Chinese guy. Title is “Lost In India”. So the Chinese guy got lost somewhere in India and in his bid to find his way back, he gets into trouble and cheats and manoeuvres his way… Cheating when possible…In the competition, he wore a condom over his tongue so as not to feel the hot effect of the chilli.

Other contestants had to pass out due to the adverse effects of eating too much chilli Leaving the main act as the last man standing.

He was cheered by the on-looking crowd. Finally he won the competition and the prize…

We were 6 contestants in total, from all parts of the world. An American, a Mexican, an European, and i (the African), and 2 Asians.

The movie would be shot till June and would be out by December hopefully.”

Best believe you first read a preview of this movie on Bismark’s cave! Lol


“I feel great. After my audition, I knew I had the role.
They were like ‘wow, wow wow!’

They were so shocked when I told them it was my first time.
It was nerve-racking but I was able to pull it off. Looking forward to bigger opportunities.”

* * * * *

Ok, Who dreams about featuring in a movie where they’re a hero after winning a chilli eating contest? Lol..definitely not everyone’s grand expectation of a first movie role.

But then, even legends like Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington had to start somewhere.

I’m proud of you bro and I’m delighted to share this story FIRST on my blog. This is a great feat by a Nigerian. Who says good things can’t come from Nigerians in Diaspora?

Keep in mind, No matter where you’re from, no matter where you at, no matter your skin colour, race or status, Your dreams are VALID! Go Rhamcee! Go boy!


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