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Be Careful of What You Wish For: Written by Daniel Gregory Daniel

She locked herself up and cried out her heart all day. She couldn’t believe she just escaped death by a threads margin. She looked up staring at the mirror with her now red-bulgy-oily-wet-eyes, then she shouted again, forcing out a loud cry down her larynx. She couldn’t fathom it herself, if she was actually crying for her graceful escaped or the fact that his days are numbered, or for the sheer fact that she wouldn’t be having all those nice tours and luxurious shopping sprees.

She remembered the very night in Dallas a city in Northeast Texas, USA; that was shortly before they came back to Nigeria last week ago. She was very moody, tipsy and on her heat phase, she had really wanted to feel his host on her already damp core. But as usual he turned her down, took her to the bed and buried her deep inside the turquoise blue duvet. She was so so disappointed and frustrated, her lewd urges waxing in deep rage as the white winter flakes kept feathering the roofs and the lane ways, congealing and breezing in a very stale stiff cold.

The one that burnt her more, was the very night in Remy’s bash in Sheraton Towers in Abuja, Nigeria. They had slept together as it has been the norm and she tried seducing him as usual, he was fast asleep when he felt a moist on his already stiff rod, the quickness in him as he got up; shut her down and call it off, sends a pang of betrayal down her spines. She would have concluded he was not potent but not for the early morning rise that drew her up and caught her fancy. She hated him for being so caring and generous except in the bedroom.

She remembers how he went into the bathroom, locked himself, sink inside the heating jacuzzi and cried himself all through that early hours of dawn. She never used to understand the meaning of all his acts not until last night, he finally informed her how much he yearn to swim inside her sequins but that he couldn’t. She held him; beating his chest
and asking why.

Then he finally told her that he is positive and he has been living with the deadly virus for almost two and a half year now, and that he just came back from the hospital yesterday; his predicament is not getting any better. He broke up with her that very moment, begging her to just forget about him, as this one was beyond the healing powers of love…..

She had actually attempted to drug him that very night and forcefully have a bite of that lollipop, but she was incepted by his guards who were keenly watching their boss from the hidden CCTV camera that was aesthetically fixed together with the dressing mirror. She was
almost ready to pounce on him before she was interjected, she cried so widely threatening to quit the relationship before he was resuscitated, he had no choice but to come out plain with her….

W/N: What do you wish for yourself? Is it in line with God’s purpose for you?
Be careful! Imagine if she had used her seductive force to wrestle out his self-control; then marched those cravings, of whose ruin would it had been? Hers right? You see..

To you, this might just be another Greg’s numerous fictions, but its an everyday realities my dear.
Now you see……the very reason that pretty lass has refused to go down those moist alleys with you may not be far fetched, don’t tempt her self control or feelings alike. A lot of people have by their own consciousness forced their way to hardship. People are suffering today just because of what they got themselves into with a conscious attempt. Have heard tales of lovers, especially guys who raped their girl friend, simply because she had refused to get down on them, only for them to get infected, or lost their lives simply because the lass in question is believe to have a marine spouse who always come to claim the life of anyone who has anything to do with her. These tales might just be yet another superstition, but can’t superstitions too be given the benefit of the doubt?

One of the reasons most people have consistently refused to consummate their relationship may not be far fetched from this truth.
It could be that they just wanted to protect their partner because they actually love them, which was even for the good of their partner as it was borne out of good intentions. But these partners most a times betrays even the trust they have on them, simply because they wanted to have every thing their way. My brother, everything just can’t be your way. People sure do have reasons for their silence and refusal, respect it! Or better still be careful about the way you go about it. It is
not a must do, you too can cultivate on your self control as well. Be open, ask questions, investigate….but believe me, you are happy when you know less. Don’t push it! For most a times it Isn’t even worth the struggles let alone the risk.

Use your head, not your heart nor your middle man at the negotiation table. Do not compromise, stand still to your standards and don’t be scared to walk away, kill your urges instantly when the terms demands you compromise……just don’t compromise, because you can never be sure of the very substance that had tread that paths or even of what lies ahead.

Enough is enough for the wise!
He who has ears…let him hear!

Daniel Gregory Daniel is a versatile creative writer from Akwa Ibom. He has two yet to be publish inspirational books on leadership, he has also written a lot of short stories, his poems are counting up to about 523; although he hasn’t published any of his collections yet, however,
most of his poems are widely published in different journals, magazines, news papers and blogs. He is a practising lawyer and liberal thinker. He is an Ambassador of peace, an advocate of the oppressed and a champion of the underdogs


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