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I’ve always wanted to write about this issue. I finally did. I hope all parents and potential parents out there will find this helpful.

The most difficult period for any parent is when you’re raising little kids and making a living at the same time. There are times when you feel you have little choice but to leave your kids somewhere after school, due to your work schedule or important engagements. Most times parents leave these kids with the only neighbour or friend who’s willing to put up with their kids till they’re back home.

While some people mean well, There are too many crazy people out there and only a careless parent assumes everyone around their kid is a saint or no one is capable of harming, corrupting or molesting these kids in their absence.
Your kids are spending all their time in someone’s home unsupervised and you’re not bothered about what they’re exposed to, who’s got them and what happened while you were away.

Keep in mind that kids below 5 years don’t have the maturity and skills to respond to an emergency if they’re alone.
Regardless of their age, what have you taught your kids?
Are your kids the type you ask;
‘what’s your name?’ *zzzzzz* *no idea*
‘What’s the name of your school? Class?’ *wah yurr skoo clas…*repeats your question*

Then you’ve got a lot of work to do on such kid oga and madam! If your 3 year old kid can’t respond to simple basic questions, how are they gonna tell you when a sick- paedophile crossed the line during your absence?
Help your kids recognise the danger signs of suspicious behaviour, like when an adult asks them to disobey their parents or do something without anyone’s knowledge of it, asks them NOT to TELL anybody, or makes them feel scared or uncomfortable in any way.

Make sure that your children know that it is okay to turn down an adult’s request, especially if it spells danger.
I’ve come across some smart sensible kids. You can’t play tricks on them or coerce them to do what their mummy or daddy ain’t approved. They’ll always tell you a big emphatic NO! “Mummy said I shouldn’t go there or do this or that”.
And you just can’t do nothing about it! Oh, and if you try to force them, they’ll yell, cry, or wriggle out of your grip!
These are trained kids.

Make sure you give your children your mobile phone numbers and a cheap phone so they can reach you at all times.
Furthermore, Parents, be wary of someone in the neighbourhood always playing around with kids ALONE and having a bunch of kids around their house.
Be wary of that bachelor or married man who enjoys playing ONLY with female kids. The one who juggles, carries them on the lap, tickles them, and makes noises for their entertainment.

Finally, If you don’t have kids yet and you’re reading this, please help protect other people’s kids by reporting to their parents when you observe acts that don’t seem right.
If you know about it, yet do NOTHING or knowingly look the other way, It makes you just as guilty as those who commit the acts against these kids.


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