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A DAY & 2 MINUTES WITH TY BELLO by Oghenekevbe Egume

We, Nigerians, love to ‘famz’ when it comes to celebrities.
Of course, we all want to walk in their shadow, hug them graciously, take a selfie or two or more with them, stalk them without actually stalking them, etc. Some of us would give anything to stay in the same room with our favourite celeb.

It was my turn on the 2nd of may 2015 to famz. I went for a photography conference that featured iconic photographers from Nigeria and diaspora. It was a wonderful conference; however, that is not the focus here.

When she entered into the hall, Lawd knows I had no single idea. But when she was called to the podium, all hairs stood straight. Apart from hers, that is, which by default is straight. Every lady around me broke out in a ‘team natural hair’ semi-whisper. If hair-envy could light up a camera flash, the hall would have been too bright for anyone to see

She was there to inspire us and she did just that. She made us question the very essence of ourselves. Who are we? Who are you? Who am i?
By the time she was done, as well as the other speakers at the conference, we were invigorated. It was a whole new beginning for us and we didn’t have to carry bread.

Whoever said the only way to have a new beginning is to photo bomb a picture, lied. After the conference, I made my way ‘jejely’ to get an
autograph, a chance to stammer, anything at all.
Her afro was beckoning to my baby semi-fro and I heeded the call. I collected the usual e-mail, phone number and all the ish.

I finally worked up the courage to ask for a selfie when she was about to enter her vehicle which surprisingly didn’t sport any fro. I caught a glimpse of her kids. They were awesome and well mannered.

Oh, back to the selfie…
I handed the phone over to the overzealous usher who then slammed his finger on the capture button, giving me a memento of that awesome moment with the famous Ty Bello to last me a lifetime, afro and all.

Lol..Okay..If you ask me, this brother wanted to have another Olajumoke moment. Nice try bro!


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