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Simon Utsu Vs Lil Kesh

Recently, Superstar Lil Kesh voiced out complaints about not been able to secure endorsements deals from major brands like his colleagues in the industry, Even though he’s been a constant hit maker in the music industry. Fans speculated that this could be the reason why he left Olamide’s label, blaming him for not doing enough in that

Recently, a fan ‘Simon Utsu’ took to Facebook to share his thoughts about Lil Kesh’s artistry and his inability to get endorsements. He went hard on Lil Kesh in a post that eventually went viral. Lol..Simon Utsu wrote this;

“Mr Kesh, so you think Glo or MTN or Peak or Ribena will give you a deal when ALL you sing about is ghetto stuff? If he’s not singing about ‘Adenike the borrow poser’, Kesh will be singing about ‘bum-short’ or ‘weed’ or ‘gbese (trouble/debt)’.

Are you the only musician that came out of the ghetto? Even Patoranking who once told us he used to sell plantain chips in Lagos traffic and lived in Ajegunle has rebranded himself and is now acting all Jamaican.

Lil Kesh, continue to dey carry ghetto for head you hear? But as you do that, have it in mind that endorsements will mostly come from rat kill-and-dry manufacturers, Agbo/Jedi/ sapele water makers association, Wrizler manufacturers or Okrika BBB (bum-short, bra and boxers) sellers union.
Just keep it up okay?”

Lil Kesh replied Simon with this photo

Simon had this to say in reply to Lil Kesh’s instagram post, he actually backtracked this time around…

“Just seen Lil Kesh’s reply to my viral article of a couple of days ago. Well, I wasn’t really bothered by what he had to say(which was relatively mild), I’m just happy that he got to see it. I also hope he’ll
consider the advice I dropped and improve on his lyrical content, this should go a long way to guarantee his longevity as a top Nigerian artiste . I’m a big fan of his up tempo vibe but just want him to fine tune his lyrics. Its rare for a musician his age to be the toast of the streets, reeling back to back hits with ease but he shouldn’t be quick to forget that the Nigerian music fan base could be very ‘ruthless’ and can easily abandon you for the next rave of the moment without warning, especially if they start to view you as a monotonous artiste. I’ll be happy to see Kesh still very active and doing it big in the entertainment industry ten years from now.”

I’m actually enjoying the back and forth mud slinging! Lol..
What do you guys think? Did Simon state real facts or you think otherwise?


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