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REFLECTIONS: A Short Story by Kadiku Barakat

I hate my brother! I hate every one of the hairs on his head, I hate every drop of blood that runs through his veins; I hate every breath he takes!! I despise him! I can’t even stand being in the same room with him. He has ruined my life, he has taken away my happiness, and he has separated me from my one true love, Bob.

Robert, popularly known as Bob, is the love of my life. He is the reason I breath. Yes, I love him this much. He has been my only crush since primary school days, even though he has always been mean to me until recently when he reciprocated my love for him and finally asked me out. From the day he asked me out till date I’ve been the happiest girl in the world.

But my brother is hell bent on ruining this magical first date with Bob. He beat me up and locked my room from the outside, took my phone and damaged the SIM in a bid to prevent me from going out on this anticipated date with Bob. He left me locked up in my room all night long. The next day he opened the door beaming with smiles. No apologies, no explanations for his actions.
He still barred me from leaving the house and would not return my phone.

All my friends have boyfriends, most even have more than one sef (in case of emergency), but I’ve had none all my life. I have never had a boyfriend, no thanks to my brother’s strict rules. So, here I am: melancholic, little-miss-Never-had-a-boyfriend. This is terrible!!!
Bob must be worried sick, he must have tried calling my phone when I didn’t show up for our first romantic date, a date in which I might have gotten my first ever kiss…

I love my little sister; I really do and would give my life to always protect her. I have been the only one protecting her since the death of our parents. Now I have automatically assumed the role of protector, provider, supporter and guardian of my little sister. Everything I do is for her good and benefit. I would stake my life and I won’t regret it, but she wouldn’t understand. She is still innocent, ignorant and naive to the ways of the world.

I’m not sorry I tied her up, beat her, locked her in and damaged her SIM, just to keep her from going out with that idiot called Bob. She can be so frustratingly childish and I will no longer treat her like a baby, I would henceforth be very firm with her, otherwise she wouldn’t learn.

She has always crushed on Bob; she’s practically obsessed with him so much that she writes his name on the cover of her note books, diary, and encloses it in the shape of a heart. The sad part is Bob doesn’t love her the same way; he is a very mean guy who is capable of doing evil. He cares about nobody but himself. I wonder what she finds so attractive in him.

I was lucky a friend of Bob snitched on him about their plan towards my sister for her first date with Bob. He told me Bob planned on getting her drugged and raped. If I hadn’t taken the necessary steps I did, my sister would have been brutally raped and her life ruined!!
I can’t bear the thought of it. My Sister! My Pretty, little, melodramatic sixteen year old Sister!!!

What an asshole!! I know he is behind all that happened today. Now I have pains all over my body, three broken teeth, a broken hand and blood all over my face.

While waiting for that stupid girl to show up, my guys and I got an unexpected visit from a bunch of thugs who beat the living daylight out of us. We couldn’t fight back because we were totally outnumbered by them. Someone must have snitched on us.

I still can’t comprehend the lengths that idiot will go just to protect his silly, little, naive love-struck sister. It’s not over. I will surely get her. I swear!

Barakat is an undergraduate student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta studying Business Administration. She spends most of her free time reading interesting Novels and writing short stories of her own.. She can be reached on facebook with the user name Kadiku Barakat.


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