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The Other Side of Being Married: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is becoming a trending topic because of the different cases of domestic abuse springing up lately.
Men battering the fragile, weak woman at home at the slightest provocation, is the kind of news that’s graces the headlines these days.

We can only read stories like these and get emotional, yet none of us can do much to help these victims. We can only preach to them to leave, we can only make their stories hot topics on blogs and recommend NGOs.

Do these women really want to leave?
It’s always about, What will my pastor say? Where will I go from here? If I leave my husband, Which man will consider me attractive enough to marry me since age is not on my side?

Personally, I’ve witnessed few cases of domestic violence, it could be very dirty and shameful. Ugly words are used to describe each other’s personality during the heated argument, sometimes lewd words are hurled at each other and descriptive exposure of the other’s past, which could be dark. Not minding who is watching or listening. This is not a good look.

Then the beast of a man rains blows on his spouse like Mike Tyson. Hard blows that an average man can’t withstand. Most times, all these take place in full glare of the public. No one has to live with such mess.
It’s actually unhealthy to hang on to an abusive partner, no matter the vow taken at the altar or societal restrictions.
It is because of these restrictions that many women are not open about the abuses that takes place indoors.

That’s why today’s marriages are like window dressing. All they display in public is just to keep up appearance. Indoors, there is a battered spouse enduring all forms of abuses and torture.

Although most women don’t seem to mind the fact that their man has turned them to a punching bag. They’ve accepted that “It’s a normal thing ‘daddy’ does when he’s angry.”

These ones need to be rescued!


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