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Who Parties Best? Yorubas!

I love Yoruba as a tribe, most especially their colourful parties.
Everyone knows yoruba folks enjoy ‘Owambe’.
They can block the entrance of two major streets and disrupt commercial activities because of a party. Their parties are characterised by loud blaring music playing from several ridiculously loud gigantic speakers mounted at different points. They don’t care if they’re disturbing the peace of the neighbours. All they know is, the party must go on. Na we get Lagos! Na we we!

One spectacular thing about Yoruba parties is, the guests love to wear flashy uniformed attires. You’ll always see different colourful fabrics and styles worn by different groups, associations and clique. You’ll see those in lace, you’ll see those in ankara, some will wear Aso-oke…You’ll see those who combined lace, aso-oke and ankara in one
Na so so Colour riot and fashion disaster everywhere…lol
Ehhn….One question wey I wan ask be, Why yoruba women wrapper no dey too long, abi dia wrapper dey fear ground? Lol…Abeg answer it in your heart!

To Yoruba’s, a party should never lack food and drinks, it’s like an abomination.
How dare you throw a yoruba party without Amala, Ogufe ati Ewedu? It’s a crime nah. It’s a great offence!
In fact before a Yoruba party begins, they’ve already started serving guests wraps of Amala, fufu, and oily reddish stew.
They don’t keep their guests hungry and waiting unlike the Igbos who drag their events and follow protocols, one has to wait till it’s time for item 7.
Yorubas no dey follow order of events because dem no dey print program for party! Dia own be say, They begin a party with food and close with food. They really budget so much on food. They throw it around just to anyone. No matter the population everybody must chop well. Some women will even remove their head gear (gele) and wrapper while devouring several heaping of Amala without care. They’re just like that.

After every guest has eaten, everybody to your tent! The canopies and chairs suddenly become empty with several unfinished wraps of Amala and gbegiri soup littered everywhere…An observer will never know what the noise and party was actually about, except you’re told by an insider…cos it was only merriment and refreshment all through.

One thing I love about Yoruba people is, their parties ain’t strictly by invitation.
So any ‘longa throat’ from anywhere can gate-crash yoruba parties by perching under the nearest canopy. Dem no go ask you question, they will not interrogate you.
All you’ve got to do is smile, pretend to be enjoying yourself while nodding your head to the juju music of Shina Peters, KWAM 1, Obesere and Pasuma Wonder blasting from the speakers. Before u even sidon for chair, food don already land for your front. They will gladly serve you food like the rest of the guests. Ahh…shebi na food carry you come? You go chop taya! As long as you can tolerate excess pepper and palm oil sha.

After eating to your fill, you pack your load jejely waka comot, as long throat wey you be. They won’t even notice, because almost everyone came to eat! You’re not the only one.

You’ve got to love Yoruba parties!


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