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Unlike a number of those who campaigned against Jonathan last year, I’m not wicked, I’m very nice.
Wicked in the sense that I won’t join the bandwagon to prod the President to visit Ogoni today just like they were mischievously trying to ginger Jonathan to visit war torn Bornu . Ogoni is in the heart of the
Niger Delta. Coupled with the fact that there has been a high level of restiveness and unrest in the region of late. Not forgetting that the new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers yesterday issued a threat,
warning the President not to come near Ogoni or risk being killed.

Well, no one knows whether the threat emanated from them or not or if it did, whether they’re capable of carrying it out. But my advice to Mr
President is to steer clear of Ogoni today. He mustn’t be there to commission the clean up process for it to work. He can as well make an unscheduled visit to Ogoni in the near future for the sake of goodwill.

All this advice I’m giving for free is what his DSS boss should have thought up. That’s the problem with dusting up a retired service man and bringing him back to head the SSS, he will always end up acting
archaic and slow. Doesn’t he watch Hollywood movies or read the news where Obama or former President Bush make unpublicised, unscheduled visits to US military bases in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Some people have gone on to say nothing can happen to Buhari, that the Avengers can’t dare it but is it worth the risk? God forbids it but if Mr President dies today, the earth won’t stop rotating on its axis or
revolving round the sun. In fact, by this time next week, we would have had an acting President and life would go on. I also can’t guarantee the level of sophistication of the country’ intelligence. How good are they at counter espionage, infiltration, telecoms signal interception? It’s on that note that I’ll advice President Buhari to stay away from highly volatile (security wise) areas, Ogoni-land inclusive.

Update: Buhari Cancels Visit to Ogoni


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