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10 Types of Nigerian Mothers by Didi Melvin Ezekwem


The perfect mother- She’s always quiet and doesn’t like trouble. She’s the type that allows distant cousins to come spend vacation in her home. She seldom gets angry and even persuades her hubby to help people. She’s the mother of the year. lol


The smart mother- She knows when you bring a bf or gf home. even when you introduce them as ‘just a friend’, she’ll reply ‘I and your dad were just friends too when we met’. She’s the type of ‘before Abraham, Jesus was’ kind of mum. lol Nothing passes her by.


The classy/Dubai mum- These kind of mum travel all the way to Dubai to get her body cream. She’s classy to a fault and she’s so beautiful. They always marry ugly husbands so they’ll take the shine.


The troublesome Mother-She can fight anybody even in the village market square. Even her husband is scared of her. She’s ready to strip any girl naked who comes looking for her son. Everybody walks on egg shell around her cos if you say pim!!!! Nke gi agwula.


The Diabolic Mum- hmmm this one can use juju powder to witch you. Everything about her is juju even her black opal brown powder. She’s two faced and she’s an old bride who’s always a step mother. If you’re her daughter in-law and you don’t dance to her tune,Nne you are finished.


The well read mum- These kind of mums always expect you to be perfect. You must see her as your role model oh. holidays are for extra moral classes and make sure you stuck in those books in your head. Your English must be perfect cos if you just gbaguan, you’ll just hear “Charles I didn’t raise you this way, staaaaaapit’ lmao.


The Funny mum-She’s so hilarious even her kids always crave to be around her. She’s this type that will ask her daughters to always bring their bfs home or ask ‘nna when are we going to meet her naaa’ She’s so open minded.


The Sorrowful Mother- hey Chim!!!!!!!!!!!!!. this one can cry for the whole world, her cry can even make you cry. She’s this type her in-laws always try to suppress. Her tears are on top of her eyelid, whenever she cries, she lets is all out. When this kind of mothers pray for you ehn, nne/nna na goodluck things sef cos God go even pity you cos of her sake. lol


The strict mum- your friends are always scared to come visit you cos of her. Her face and tone alone is so scary. She’s this kind of mum that likes curfew. once you’re not home by 7pm, honey, you’re grounded. If you want her to die, just steal her jewellery.


The loud mum- she screams at any given point in time. You better not tell her that you missed your period when you’re not even married cos she will roll on the floor and invite the yard members to expose you. She gat no chill at all.


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