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The Nigerian Fake Atheist

I noticed the high percentage of fake atheists on social media and I decided to bring the discussion here. Oh, by the way I call them “fake” because you can easily see through the facade. These ones are not consistent about their beliefs.
Some silly folks do think it’s cool to call themselves atheists because they’ve heard some scientists, Professors, inventors and billionaires say that they’re atheists,

So the average Nigerian Agnostics feels that atheism depicts intelligence. Some call themselves atheists because it gives them the
free will to engage in ‘negative’ lifestyles.

What is up with all these fake atheist?

Personally, I see a real atheist as someone who honestly doesn’t believe in any God and is not bothered by other people’s beliefs.
So when I read several offensive articles by angry-writer fake atheists or ‘Free thinkers’, I’m amused! The way they go about it, I don’t know if their agenda or aim is to ridicule only Christians (their easy targets).
If its not about how they don’t give a damn about ‘sky daddy’ (a term used to describe God), it’s something along the lines of not celebrating Christmas and Easter or some rant about creation. Anything to stir up controversy and get the attention they crave.

Some times I’m like WHAT THE HELL! GET OFF HERE AND TALK TO SOMEONE OFFLINE. Who the hell wants to keep reading your dissertations on how much you despise Christians?
Honestly I do like them but I am TIRED of reading the same dribble over and over, without contributing something NEW to the dialogue.

Its okay not to believe in Jesus Christ, its not by force. Even Jesus Christ won’t come into your life if you don’t welcome him, but Can you Mr/Mrs Nigerian fake atheist please try to spread some positivity,
Yes, you’re not answerable to any god as you claim, who cares? Why keep reminding us and refreshing our memory about your personal choices? You just don’t come on social media to blast any religion
because you are privileged to have access to the internet with a phone. If you won’t celebrate christmas and New year or serve any god/God, it’s nobody’s business but yours. Just don’t directly/indirectly make a mockery out of those who have reverence for their creator. There’s no way on earth you’re an atheist if you get offended by other people’s beliefs because first of all, an atheist doesn’t believe in any god, so he doesn’t care!

In fact, there’s no way you’re a happy person.


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