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The Church is You: by Grace Ayabimeh Okpo

Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Kathryn Kulman and so many other female ministers of God that we all follow and listen to their messages and type fat ‘Amens’ to the prayers they post on their social media platforms, do they ‘cover their hair’?
Yet, some overzealous usher will nearly send an ‘uncovered’ head back home on many a Sunday morning!

Unfortunately, Church is not what happens in a building on Sunday morning, in a large or small room with a raised platform in front called the ‘altar’.
A lot of us have been made to believe that the Presence of God is the church auditorium, hence the false piety we put up in the name of ‘coming to His Presence’. Churches would frown at their members wearing certain forms of clothing to Sunday service while these same people still go on to dress like commercial sex workers on ‘normal’ days. This is sadly so because church folk believe that church is a gathering and it must happen in a building supposedly “sanctified” by the pastor for such purpose.

Church is you LOVING GOD
Church is you presenting your body as a LIVING SACRIFICE
Church is you treating that gate man the way you’d love to be treated if the tables turned ( Did I hear you shout ‘It’s not my portion’?)
Church is what happens in that office of yours when you decided to reject that Ghana -must-go, even though nobody saw you.
Church is that CLOSET RELATIONSHIP you have with The Most High.
Church is the way you treat that child that is not yours that you’re pretending not to call your ‘maid’.
Church is the way you treat your staff.
Church is the way you treat your spouse.
Church is the way you relate to and behave towards those who are not as ‘privileged’ as you.
Church is you showing love to that ‘prostitute’ next door without judging her!

Church is You!
So, hey, how’s your Church today?

Grace loves God, She strives to convert life’s little opportunities to be the best that She CAN BE. Even though she doesn’t like animal pets, she seriously admire people who have nerves enough to keep them. She also enjoys learning about cultures, of which there is an abundance in Nigeria


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