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In Remembrance of The King of Pop Music: by Simon Utsu

I just threw my blackberry phone carelessly towards some furniture but it missed it’s target and fell on the hard floor, screen faced down. Outcome…cracked phone screen! Then I thought to myself, today must be some important anniversary for my dear phone to just kaput without warning…then I remembered that today the 25 day of June
2016 was the 7th death anniversary of my number 1 secular music Idol, the enigmatic legend(or legendary enigma), Michael Jackson.

Whilst he was alive he had no equal in his art. He was greater than nearly all before him and in death, he remains one of the greatest if not the greatest ever secular musician.

Micheal Jackson

Continue to Rest In Peace Mike… the world misses you, we’re still trying to HEAL THE WORLD and make it a better place… we still have lots of SMOOTH CRIMINALs lurking around though and they’ve refused to BEAT IT. The BLACK or WHITE superiority debate is still on. Last week, somewhere in Orlando, there was so much BLOOD ON THE
DANCE FLOOR. Trump is finally a serious Presidential hopeful and he’s coming up against Hilary Clinton in November in what promises to be a political THRILLER. Do I keep talking? You still want me to SAY, SAY, SAY more like you and Sir Paul McCartney once sang? Ok, yesterday
finally ended the ‘GIRL IS MINE’ fight between British people and the EU…the Brits now have their country back. Well the girl in question isn’t BILLIE JEAN, it’s Britain.

On a final note, I think I have to reiterate that your departure from planet earth left so many of us that made up your core fan base SPEECHLESS.


One thought on “In Remembrance of The King of Pop Music: by Simon Utsu

  1. Nice eulogy..

    He never went after fame
    But his sophisticated talent in secular musics made him an eternal name.

    Every step he took in his career always resulted to a double accomplishment.
    The musical sounds of his voice, the croon, the warble, sweet and alluring, promenading down his achievement.

    He was never good, neither was he better. he was simply the best.
    The soothing feel of his existence, made him stood high above the rest.

    He forever has a place in my heart
    And I will forever miss him.

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