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Emancipate Yourself!

The bar for achieving success is so low these days and it has much to do with all the miracle and breakthrough centres around us, spearheaded by religious leaders.

Some of them have succeeded in cashing on the ignorance and gullibility of the people who desperately desire to be better in life.
They get you believing that through divine intervention, you will achieve things you never worked for a day in your life. Something along the lines of ‘unmerited favour’.

So what do you do? You keep praying for God to exalt you above kings and nations, When there is no personal development on your part, no preparation, no access to information to guide you, no training! Your hope is built on those prophetic declarations released by that mummy and daddy in Lord.

“You will rise and shine before men…Amen!!!..Your name will be heard in America, England and beyond…Amen!!!…”
You fall on your knees, stretch your hands and weep. Me o, I know that God is not partial. There are people who have worked hard, prepared themselves and are qualified for some of those things you’ve prayed about. How do you think they’ll be sidelined by God for you who hasn’t done self grooming and equipped yourself? If it was given to you, how would you manage such position and responsibility?

Your business is failing, it must be some spiritual force that is holding your destiny and preventing people from patronising you. The devil is bent on limiting your progress. Instead of doing a re-strategy or attend workshops and trainings on skill acquisition, branding and marketing,
you’re sowing seeds somewhere and waiting for magic to happen.

When someone politely suggests something feasible that could enhance you and your brand, you arrogantly turn it down and say “The God I serve will announce my name in far places” You’re still sitting down on a long thing! *In D’banj voice* If it were that easy, all prayer warriors and servants of the Lord would be snatching big offers from left, right and centre!



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