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Free Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye! #JusticeForChacha

Ever since the mysterious long disappearance of Abuja based socialite Charity Aiyedogbon, ex wife of David Aiyedogbon, there have been several questions on the lips of most Nigerians who have followed this case. “where is chacha?” “Why would anyone want to hurt a woman who many have described as harmless”? “Why is Chacha’s family and members of David’s household unbothered”?
Keep in mind that, charity experienced hell for years while married to David before leaving him for good in 2014.
Could it be that her strong presence on social media and those personal experiences she always shared, like, living in fear of her ex-husband David, domestic violence, physical and mental abuse from her previous marriage got someone mad? Could it be that she shared too much and someone used their powerful connects to stifle her to
silence by abducting her and try to hush the crime?
Today she’s missing and allegedly murdered..and all we want is Justice.

Now, a Nigerian lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye took it upon himself to get to the bottom of the case and solve riddle concerning chacha’s disappearance and alleged murder, Finally giving voice to the downtrodden, like chacha.
But in a country inherently bedevilled by corruption, his efforts are being sabotaged by “the power that be” in high places.
Emeka Ugwuonye has been arrested and is being kept in detention by the Nigerian police for no real reason, other than his quest for justice.
The Due Process Advocates (DPA), a group spear headed by Mr Emeka Ugwuonye and concerned Nigerians call for the immediate release of Emeka Ugwuonye! As he’s not a criminal neither has he broken any law, if he has…we would like to know.

Emeka Ugwuonye can best be described as one of the few brilliant, selfless fighters for Justice bent on tackling corruption effectively in Nigeria.
The IG, AIG, CP or the IPO handling this case have been alerted and no one is responsive and helpful. The international community is interested in this case. The world is watching to see its outcome.
The press both the print and electronic have been notified, just in case our security agencies attempt any foul play.
#JusticeForChacha #FreeEmekaUgwuonye On twitter @dueprocessadvocate, for those on twitter.
Keep tweeting and tag anybody. Let this hashtags circulate till justice is served!


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