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IS GOD RACIST? Written by Michael Okoye

One morning, during the family devotion, my father opened the floor for contribution as well as questions. The topic of that morning sermon, I have forgotten. My younger brother asked a simple question: ‘’why does God answer the prayers of the white man faster than the African’’

The question seemed sketchy at best. Who takes record of prayers offered to God? Who has the statistics? But my dad understood where he was coming from. So he tried to answer him the best he could. My father, a pastor, expantiated on the childlike faith of whites, which makes them believe God in the totality than blacks. But that session gave birth to raging questions in my mind, questions I didn’t let in on anyone. Why does it appear as if God favour the whites over the blacks? Why are we so backward compared to them? What is so special about them? Why are angels robbed in clothes of white sparkling apparels? Why do they look white? So many descriptions of
Jesus have been tales of him all white with flowing long hair. Deep blue eyes and all. Is God showing us the race he prefers? Why did we have to know about God via slavery and brutality from the Oyinbos? Why does evil prevail here despite the overwhelming number of churches? Why does God seem so distant from us?

Honestly, the answers are probably never going to satisfy unless heard from the horse’s mouth. It all seems as if we’ve accepted our lot and move on. It dis orients me.
Why do, for instance, wearing of trousers or makeup made out as demonic or pure evil here in Africa? Why does deeper life believe that watching TV would corrupt you and probably send you to hell?

I once listened to this vibrant preacher say the most inordinate fuckery I’ve ever heard filtered through my disbelieving ears. This pastor made some startling revelations:
a. Eva water and wine are made by the kingdom of darkness, drinking their products could send you to hell. I looked at my dad when he said this rubbish and I noticed a smile playing on his lips. My dad gives us Eva wine to drink on occasions.

b. Hair attachments and extensions are demonic and are procured from the queen of the coast. Wearing them is akin to wearing devils property. You will go to hell. (actually this one isn’t something new)

c. Makeup are babies blood sacrificed to Lucifer before being sent down to oppress and entangle.

d. Jeans are satanic wears and will send you to hell.

e. You have to pray before buying pretty much any item in the market as it may have been marked by the agents of darkness.

These stringent rules and laws seem only peculiar to Africans. We see white people with trousers, makeup, hair extensions but we don’t condemn them. We instead proffer excuses as to why they are the way they are. Their region is cold. Their culture is different. Leave it to god to judge these things. No! It’s not righteous for one race to be judged on a differing, more accommodating standard while the other is judged harshly.

While the submissions of that pastor may seem strange to some, a frightening number of Christians this part of the world share very similar views. We are the runt of the litter, the scourge of the earth.
In a world where there is prevalent white supremacy, the church should an abode of non-discrimination, harmony and equity. Unfortunately the reverse seems to be the case.

Michael Okoye

What is God’s stand in all this? Are we really equal before His eyes?


2 thoughts on “IS GOD RACIST? Written by Michael Okoye

  1. I keep asking this questions.. And I still haven’t gotten a convincing answer. It is a pity to see how religion has driven us crazy. The discrimination and unequity is boldly written on the wall. Our stupity, craziness, foolishness, selfishness, greediness, wickedness, backwardness, illiteracy and uncivilization has nailed us to doom. The black race (Africa) will continue playing the inferior until we are solemnly liberated.


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