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Monitoring That Ex.

Getting over an ex after a relationship ends is a tug of war.
It’s hard to forget someone you’ve had/still have a thing for. It changes your personality no matter how strong you think you are. Cos what’s going on the inside, manifests on the outside. It’s hard to act happy when you know you are not. I’m not a love doctor, but I know that everyone reacts differently to a separation.

When it happens, It’s either you simply become messy or you portray FALSE ‘excitement and happiness’ all the time, as if your life is jolly and good. You make sure to showcase everything about you that’s worth attracting attention, Just to show the other person that you ain’t missing their company and absence. OR you simply become vindictive towards that ex! You want them to fail in life. You want them to be among the 500 people deported from the UK.

On the other hand, After a break up, some people still find themselves doing the following;

Monitoring that ex.
Yes it’s over! The relationship ended badly so you both ain’t communicating anymore. You keep fronting like you don’t need that ex. Oya, delete them from your space on social media na, u no fit. Cos you can’t help checking on their profile every now and then. Smh!

Since you broke up with him, You’ve been posting inspirational/motivational articles. Stuff like;
“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”
“Moving on…life is too short” blablabla…
You start sounding like you don’t care or give a damn about anything or anybody. who we go ask?

You dig up random pics of a hot babe or a handsome man that doesn’t even know you, you don’t even mind using your cousin’s pics… You display it on your profile and use a suggestive caption. Make e be like say na your new boo…lol while hoping that it’ll hurt the person that broke your heart!

You’ve been dialling the line of your ex with a private number or a strange number, Yet you won’t say anything when they pick up the phone…You just want to hear their voice.

Abeg, if you find yourself doing all of the above, hmm…you’re not truly over that ex. Instead of hurting yourself, Swallow your pride and send them an “I MISS YOU” sms!


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