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10 Reasons You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore: by Olakunle Allison

Practices in the modern evangelical church that I will NEVER ever get over.
1. Comedy Shows or Stand Up Comedy in Churches.
Is the Church about Jokes now?
2. Award/Dinner Nights in churches.
What happens to selfless christian service and heavenly rewards?

3. Bodyguards or Ushers in churches looking like FBI/CIA Agents running everywhere.
Is the church under siege? This really freaks me out.
4. POS Machines in churches.
Maybe worshippers should pay their offerings into a designated bank account the next Monday morning. It gives the church some replica of sacred sanity, rather than look like a glorified Casino. Or maybe churches are scared their ‘magic’ would wear off before Monday?

5. Pulpit looking too much like a Concert Stage. Too many light works and special effects.
What is our main attraction? Christ or the others?
6. Everybody speaks in tongues that no one understands, yet nobody interprets.
How am I encouraged or edified if you motivate me in Latin where I’m Yoruba?

Olakunle Allison

7. Special King-size Seats for the Presiding Pastor and his Mrs.
Are you the Lord or Jesus?
8. Special Stooges who carry even the Pastor’s mobile phones and wife’s bag.
Are they amputees?

9. Sharing the grace with the guy/girl beside you in church, yet you leave in your car without offering him/her a lift to a nearby bus stop.
Why not share your car and keep your grace?
10. You’ve not paid your rent, fees or tax but your tithe never suffers.
Always remember: God is merciful, but your landlord or government is not.

There are simply too many abominable practices today in the modern church, fast evolving into a monster church. Too many to even remember. Do you Believers know any?
#iamatruthist .


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