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3 Classes of Beans (Ewa Agoyin) That Will Make You Salivate by Akhigbe Samson

You won’t understand this post if you don’t love the streets.
Some people have been endowed with the spirit of Beans making. ‘Emi Ewa sise ba le won”. The woman pictured is Iya Tasi, she is an Agoyin woman, her ancestors invented the best food for humanity – Ewa Agoyin. Her food saved thousands of poor people in Pako Aguda Surulere Lagos.

This is where it gets tricky. Inside that huge pot in front of her are 3 shades of Beans. Yes! She has mastered the art and science of Beans such that she can cook 3 levels of Beans in one “Koko Irin”. The 1st layer of Beans is the dry Beans. This category of Beans is strictly for eating rice. The upper echelon of the poverty scale are the ones who can afford it.

Akhigbe Samson

The second layer is Ewa Agoyin, the evergreen menu of the elitist poor. The third layer is the watery Beans. The watery Beans (Ewa olomi) is strictly for the poorest of poor people.
The water is good for gari mix. As you add garri, the watery extract absorbs it and forms concrete or konkere. The cake like mixture can be sliced with a knife. If you buy Ewa olomi of 50 Naira, you’ll need at least 5 pure water to wash it down. It is a preferred delicacy for Kings and princes like bricklayers, vulcaniser, mechanics and agberos..

I join other poor people world over to celebrate this jewel of inestimable value who has contributed immensely to the growth of Lagosians at home and in the diaspora.

Photo credit: #Baba_Laredo


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