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Evolution of Picture Taking On Social Media


The journey…
They started by bending and curving their legs like a plier in photos. Posing like the physically challenged was the new sexy back then. Our girls saw nothing wrong with it. Smh


Later on, ‘mirror shots’ taken with ipads took over.
Our daughters would either stick out their tongues like panting dogs or have their lips protrude in front of a mirror in their attempt at pouting.
The boys were not left out too. They stood in front of mirrors to capture their six-pack, even the ones with chests as flat as ‘aboki’ slippers joined the craze.



Before we knew it, they moved on to photo filter apps. They would erase their God-given features and apply unnatural features on their photos. During that era, no girl was ugly, cos some of them used these android phone apps to double the size of their yansh! Many boys were fooled, deceived, played! Hey God! Many experimented with their complexion with these apps. Some were done in poor taste, cos they looked like sculptures, mannequins and portraits in photos. Others had faces that appeared as if it was dipped in white emulsion paint.


They progressed to holding long ugly rods in their photos. At first glance, one would think it’s a household tool used for removing cobwebs. It turned out to be “selfie sticks”. Owning a selfie stick was life goal for many young people.
Pictures taken with selfie sticks flooded all social media platforms. You will see photos with about 10 happy rascals queuing behind the stick holder.


As if all these wasn’t enough, Children of the last days now take photos with their faces hidden with one hand, pointing up North or South.
They call this one “dab”.
Some even have the nerve to use captions like ‘dab for Jesus’. Chai! Chukwu oma, have mercy!
*Clutches rosary and says a prayer for the sons and daughters of men*


Now they’ve taken it to another level. They’re now parading social media with ugu leaves and ewedu leaves on their head


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