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TYPICAL NIGERIAN WEDDING 2 -Written by Akhigbe Samson

The ladies on the Bridal Train are the meanest set of people at a Wedding Ceremony apart from the old women frustrating the vendors. In my years of attending weddings in Nigeria, as a guest or a facilitator, I have never met nice Bridesmaids.

Individually, these ladies are sweet and affable, but as they congregate to populate the Train, the spirit of “Igara” falls on them. “Igara Turkey” in Mushin is another word for pride, and not just the normal pride, the turkey kind of pride. Go and observe Turkeys and chickens raised together, you’ll understand better.

A Bridesmaid will order for dessert at a wedding in Alagbado. Why? Is that not evil

These ladies already know that there are ONLY two procession methods into EVERY Wedding in Nigeria, but they will make the MC or planner scream and beg and cry and prostate for them to file like ants. When you manage to get them to do what they want to do, a daughter of Jezebel, usually the ugliest amongst them will scream: “Wait, wait, I
forgot the confetti spray inside the car”


A Typical Nigerian Wedding 1
A Typical Nigerian Wedding 3


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