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Campus Affair (Episode 2)


(Divas hostel)
It’s a quarter after two in the morning. Grace lay in bed thinking. She tossed and turned under the wool blankets since she got into bed four hours ago. She was thinking of no other person but the bad boy in dreadlocks; the one she met for the first time some hours ago. He couldn’t answer a question on his own in the exam hall. Olodo rabata! (Empty head) Ori eja (fish brain)…that’s what they call their type in
class and that is what he is, actually. Yet, there was something appealing and irresistible about him that she couldn’t put a finger to..Nope! Hell no! She’d always admired smart, decent guys. Not rough looking, ear stud wearing thugs who don’t attend lectures.
Moreover, Bad. Boys. Are. No. Good.

But then, she had muttered his name at least 50 times since their encounter earlier in the day. She even searched out his name and phone number in the class list and stored in her phone.
How dare he make his ‘Course Rep’ develop such awkward feelings?

He most likely wouldn’t like an average looking NERD like her. After all, her male course mates don’t fancy her that much. Unlike the other more attractive girls in class who enjoy all the attention from guys.
She has always being told that she reasons like a man (such an odd compliment).

Most of her mates say she never associates with anybody because ‘she believes she is too intelligent’..She also heard some say she is unnecessarily tough on them, because she holds the position of a course Rep. Apparently, she is not generally loved in the department!

Even though she has never seen Mr bad boy in her department all these years, he seems to know her so well already, and no sane guy in Economics department of BBU University would find a girl like her attractive. So she better keep those feelings of hers in check.
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* * * * * * *
(Jeff’s room- Diamond Hostel)
(A well equipped posh apartment, Ashtrays and a bottle of Moet lay on the table. Jarule’s ‘Thug lovin’ blasting from the home theatre system.
Jeff and Innocent are busy ‘Phishing’ with their laptops, as they usually do at late hours of the night. Jeff and Innocent are one of the big boys in BBU who do yahoo- yahoo)

(Yahoo messenger Adult chat room-Conversation between Jeff and a white woman)

Margaret Cox: (typing….) I am 63 year old, lonely, retired white woman living in California…two kids. Searching for love..You’re African right?
Jeff: Yea, Nigerian precisely and a student too. You’re so gorgeous, baby.
Margaret Cox: Oh, I’m blushing. You look great too, just like a billboard model. I love your dreadlocks and sexy abs. (Typing…) I hear they’ve got lots of fine men in Nigeria, just like you. Word has it that they’re blessed down there.
Jeff: heard right, my Angel…You wanna get down with one? I’m single and searching for love.
Margaret Cox: Of cos! I hope you don’t mind a conversation with a horny old broad.
Jeff: I’m actually loving it. I’d love to come over to California and treat you like a Queen. But I can’t afford the travelling expenses. I’m just a poor, Nigerian orphan with no means of survival..*tears*
Margaret Cox: Oh baby boo, no tears. *hugs* It’s been ages I felt the touch of a man…And I got a fetish for African males, especially one with dreadlocks. Uhmm..What if we workout something? Say, you come over, fuck me silly and marry me in my beach-house? You promise to be good to me…Promise?
Jeff: I promise. I swear with all my heart. I will not break your heart, my love.
Margaret: That’s so sweet and refreshing. I can’t wait to see you my black Prince. Meanwhile, can we use the webcam for some quick nastiness…

“Innocent! Innoson!! Guy abeg pass me the external webcam. This old whitey wey resemble soaked bread don dey co-operate o…e be like say she wan see my prick.”
Jeff yells at his friend Innocent who’s also busy on his system, scamming a white man

Innocent said with a laugh, “Hahahahahahahaha yeeei! Guy no dulling. Before you show am your prick collect her Dollars! Tell her that you want to visit her and give her the real banging. She should send down money for flight ticket. Tell her you’re broke, you’ve not eaten for two weeks and you’re homeless.”
Jeff laughed as he replied, “Trust me na. No be today wey we begin scam these mumu people. How far with your own maga? E don pay?”
Innocent answered, “Mehn, the fool dey too inquisitive. E no believe say I be Military man wey dey do Peacekeeping for Sudan…upon I show am that photoshop soldier pix”

Few minutes later, Jeff’s phone rang

“Hello, Bad boy…”
Jeff recognised the voice but wasn’t sure.
“Who is speaking please?”, He inquired.
“It’s Grace, your Course Rep…good morning..”
(Jeff was surprise she called..more surprise she called at an odd hour of the night.)
She didn’t pause, she continued,
“As a Course Rep who is obligated to pass useful information to all students in class…including the ones with invisible identities…”
“Hahahaha..really?” Jeff laughed hard.

Grace still continued,
“I just wanted to let you know that we have a group discussion class today at 2pm..and..I hope you will come.”
“Urmm..that’s thoughtful of you. I can’t say really..I don’t think so. I’m kinda busy these days.” Jeff answered.
(Disappointed he gave an abrupt answer) she said, “Ok then, bye!”
“Hold on..Wait! 2pm right? I may show up.”
She yelled “Ok!”
(Call ended)

* * * * * * *
Grace screamed in delight. She smiled to herself on her bed. There was actually no student study group session scheduled at 2pm, but she must organise one immediately before 2pm…and Jeff had better ‘show up’.

……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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