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Campus Affair (Episode 3)


Upon responding to Grace’s call, Jeff already knew there was no way he would attend any boring group discussion class. Such organised classes for interaction amongst Economics students was meant for the ‘acadas’ (intelligent students). Those students wey dey carry book for head. Certainly not his type of person. He will be the odd man in the pack if he ever showed face at such gatherings, since he knew nothing worth contributing.

Moreover, he is not one of those over-serious, antisocial ‘jew men’ in class who occupy the front seats; those brainy guys who have no babes neither do they have swagger. They pull their trousers up their chest and wear oversize shirts. Guys like Ugonna, Munachi and the Assistant- Course Rep, Jay Luis. ‘Kpomo men’ That’s what he calls such guys.
“Wetin concern Jeff Emmanuel with group discussion class? Taa!” He sighed and waved off the idea the minute she ended the call.

* * * * * * * * * * *
(Economics department-Group discussion class)

Ugonna screamed in surprise as Grace arrived the departmental lecture hall. He extended his right hand toward Grace for a shake,
“Wow! Graceeei! You look glorious this morning, wonderfully made and Magnificent! I can see the beauty of the Lord radiating all over you and….”
“Hiaaan?” Grace quickly cut him short as she accepted his handshake.
Cutting short his ‘holy’ method of greeting beforehand would solve a lot of problems, as it has become really tiring and boring.

One thing is to be as intelligent as Albert Einstein, it’s another thing to know what girls really like to hear. Ugonna, her course mate still has a lot to learn when it comes to interacting with girls.
*Rule number one- No handshakes! Just hug
*Rule number two- Girls like being called Sexy, babe, beautiful, NOT some ridiculous religious lines!
This further lends credence to the notion that ‘good boys are no fun!’
Bad boys like Jeff are…
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“Our able Course Rep..the first female president of Bismark Benson University..the adorable Grace of the most high God..”
Ugonna continued in his attempt at sounding funny. She had learned to ignore his ‘dry’ compliments. Such an awkward fellow.

“Can we get busy with our discussion class please!” She yelled at him, giving a hint of irritation. She ordered, “Class! Everyone come together! Let’s begin!”

Well, For some unexplained reasons, Grace decided to ditch her usual nerdy look. She wore makeup, a sexy dress and high heels, for a change. The moment she stepped into the department heads turned
in surprise. All eyes on her new look. Unlike in the past when she would arrive and leave unnoticed.

She was all styled and ‘glammed up’, hoping Mr bad boy would show up for the Group discussion class. Apparently, her plans and preparations was in vain.
All through the discussion class, her eyes darted around the lecture hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone in dreadlocks. None was in sight. He never showed up as he promised. She couldn’t figure out why she was so bitter about his absence.

* * * * * * * * *
As Grace exited the lecture hall on her way back to her hostel, there came Ugonna tagging along behind her, carrying his heavy backpack stuffed with books and junks.
“Heeii God! Not again”, She sighed.
“So what do you think about the ongoing recession in our country? We should have discussed it during the class group session, Don’t you think so Gracie?” Ugonna asked Grace as soon as he caught up with her.

Grace wasn’t in a good mood to have another discussion with this corny mate of hers who’d never give her breathing space.
“Well, next time!” She said sharply.

A red sports car pulled up close to the curb close to them. Jay-z’s ’99 problems’ blasted from the hi fi bass speakers.
“Grace, Hop in!” He said.
“Oh…my..crush! Oops! No! Oh my God.” She pinched her arm and corrected herself instantly in her head Considering Ugonna and her other mates who shouldn’t see her in a car with this kind of person, She hesitated.

“Come in Grace, I’ll drop you anywhere”, Jeff said.
Grace pulled open the car door and sank into the comfy leather seat.
She found herself excited and grinning all of a sudden. He grabbed her waist slightly and said, “How was your class my prof? Sorry I couldn’t make it..dear..”
“Bad boy…Well..I..” She paused.
“Maybe, you’ll teach me my own personally” He teased as he winked at her.
She laughed and turned the other way. Looking through the side mirror as Jeff sped off, the look on Ugonna’s face spelled shock…disbelief…disappointment…

……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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6 thoughts on “Campus Affair (Episode 3)

  1. Lol.. Bro, this is getting more interesting. I’m already feeling myself in the play.

    That Ugonna reminds me of a coursemate back then in school. This story states the happenings and facts in the higher institution.

    God bless your gift.. You are great.


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