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Campus Affair (Episode 4)

(HOD’s office)
“Secretary!! Emmanuella! Emmanuellaaa o..Secretary!” Prof Okechukwu Adum called his secretary who occupies a small office behind his.
“Prof Sir! Sir, you sent for me.” She ran into his office, panting.
Prof Okechukwu asked, “Have you printed and photocopied the result sheets for my course?”
“Yes sir!” She replied.
“What about my student files, Have they been sorted out according to their matric numbers?” Prof Okechukwu inquired.
Emmanuella answered saying, “Sir, I’m on it now…I’m almost done.”
Prof Okechukwu was enraged by her answer, “Whaaaat? Still on it since two days? What are you good at, you dullard? You secretaries need to be reshuffled again. I will send you back to ‘Wood Science’ department. We have zero tolerance for gross incompetence and laziness in ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT.”
Emmanuella pleaded, “I’m sorry sir! Forgive me sir…I’m really so..” Prof Okechukwu cut in sharply, “Oh keep quiet there! La stupida, le fooliason, incompitento invertibrate!”
“Chineke gawd!” Emmanuella muttered.

“You better finish up and forward those files to Exams and records.”, He barked.
“Yes sir!” Emmanuella replied obediently.
Prof Okechukwu continued, “Good! Now, I don’t want to receive anyone until I send for them. Tell anyone who wants to see me that I am extreeeemely busy now!”
“Yes sir!”, Emmanuella replied with a shaky tone.
“Vamoose!” He ordered.

“Action man! Professor Okechukwu of Oxford University! You scared the living daylights out of her!”, Benita hailed Professor Okechukwu as soon as the secretary hurried out of the office.
Benita sat on the cushion chair reserved for guests in Professor Okechukwu’s luxurious office.
“Benny baby come..come and sit on my lap and romance me.” Professor Okechukwu said softly.
(Benita makes faces and pouts)
She replied, “Ehhn, Prof you promised that I’ll score an ‘A’ in your course, but how am I sure that you have really done it? You slept with me twice in the hotel and you want to do it again in your office…”
Prof Okechukwu answered, “I promised you will get an A and graduate with first class, didn’t I say so? Nothing to worry about Benny my love…Let’s make love quick.”

He tried to scoop her in his arms but she resisted, “Sir..go jooh” she said in a low tone.
Prof Okechukwu removed his clothes quickly. Stripped down to his briefs, he playfully chased her round the office. When he caught her, he scooped her and placed her on his table. He quickly turned her over in a kneeling posture. Kneeling on the large polished oval table with her hips sticking up and her head lowered on the table, he sexually dominated her.
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* * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the past three weeks, things sizzled up between Jeff and Grace. They’ve become real close chat buddies on Whatsapp and other social media platforms.
Though sometimes these words keep playing in her head, ‘Think with your head not your heart girl’, Still, she doesn’t care.
She no longer gives a damn about the ugly stares she gets from students when Jeff gives her rides from her department back to her hostel, or in the cafeteria or when they stroll the school ‘love garden’ together hand in hand.

Beneath the dreadlocks, 6-pack, ear studs and multiple rings on the fingers, lies a nice guy- A sweet, affectionate friend.
And why would people get in someone’s personal life, frown at their association based on their academic performance? Ugonna has been noticeably distant from her these days, since she became close to Jeff. Scorned much? Maybe.

Grace was at Jeff’s hostel for the first time. They exchanged iPod player the day before. She came over to pick up her iPod. She stood at the gate waiting for him.
“Grace! Over here!” He said smiling.
He came down the stairs shirt-less; his swagger…his broad taut chest…his brown skin…”Oh blessed Mary”. She muttered.
She felt like running her finger down his chest to his abs. She swallowed hard and her knees grew weak as he approached her.

(Diva’s girls hostel)

“He is a hypocrite who is deceiving you and you fell for it. How could you yield to such act?” Uzoamaka querried her friend Benita as she patted her shoulder.
Benita answered in tears, “Babe..I can’t afford to fail Professor Okechukwu’s course again. You know how tough it is. Moreover, this is my 3rd attempt. I want to graduate with my mates and wear NYSC khaki? Do you want me to grow grey hair in this university?”
Uzoamaka handed her some more tissue paper and said, “But you should have simply paid him na.. Sort the old man, at least with twenty grands you pass the damned course, rather than allow him fuck you just like that…”

After wiping her eyes, Benita continued,
“Girl, do you know that I paid fifty grands? Still booked the hotel room off town…(Sniffs..more tears) I bought him lunch, fuelled his car and he still fucked me like a dirty slut!”
Uzoamaka screamed in surprise, “Jehovaaaah! My dear, that man na devil o! You know Professor Okechukwu is a cunning man. What if you still don’t pass the course after all this hell you’ve been through? I hear he does same to other girls in the department.”
Benita smiled and replied.
“Uzo, do you think I’m stupid? Whether I pass Prof Okechukwu’s course or not, i will make that pot-bellied criminal pay for his wicked ways.”
She pulled out a camcorder from her handbag. “I recorded everything!”
……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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5 thoughts on “Campus Affair (Episode 4)

  1. Good job! Keep it coming……your great at writing! Those little details keep it interesting. I feel like am in the love garden holding his hand … Hehehe


  2. Hahahaha.. Sharp girl Benita. Prof Okechukwu will now live in fears of a wrackful scandal. His end is already nigh.

    I can’t also wait to know what transpired between the two love birds (Jeff and Grace). All I see is a heartbreak and a dumped ass.

    I must commend you for this particular episode. It’s thrilling. Write on bro!


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