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Campus Affair (Episode 5)

(Dirty scheme)

“So this is where I live. Just a small not-so-nice apartment.” Jeff said to Grace.
“Don’t mind the haphazard arrangement of things. You know how we guys live.” He pulled open the curtains to illuminate the room and allow in air.
Pleased with the sight of his apartment, Grace said “Wow! It’s so nice. You mean you live in this beautiful place? Hmm, big boy. You’re enjoying o.”
Jeff giggled, “Here’s the remote control. You like African Magic, CNN, E!? Feel free, make yourself comfortable.”
“Thanks. I won’t be staying long, I’m in a hurry. I just came for the iPod.” Grace said.
“Come on, What do I offer my able course rep who came visiting for the first time?” He asked, running his hands through his dreadlocks.
“There’s no need to worry about that, I’m okay.” She replied. “Thank you.”

Grace brought out his iPod player from her handbag,
“Here’s your iPod player, Can I have mine?” She asked, smiling.
“Oh that!” He opened a desk drawer and brought out her iPod.
Jeff continued, “Here It is, I enjoyed your tracks, hope you liked mine too?”
“Yea, they’re cool.” She answered.
As his hand brushed against hers while receiving the iPod, a shiver ran down her spine.
“Alright, thank you. See you later!” Grace said, as she walked toward the door. “Remember we’ll be taking a lecture on Econometrics at
9am. Be present, be punctual. Your course-Rep will be taking attendance and…”

Before she could reach for the door Jeff quickly pulled her into his arms, gazing into her eyes. He sealed her lips with a warm kiss. Grace melted in his arms and couldn’t find the strength to fight back.
Grace felt Jeff’s hand tighten around her ass. His touch drove her wild. She ran her hands through his wild dreadlocks. She always wanted to do that. Pulling his head closer, she reciprocated his kisses and nudged herself against his warm bare hard frame.
It didn’t seem right, but it FELT so damn good. Then She let out a groan and said, “I love you..” Without fully thinking.

Jeff pulled away from her and glanced the other way. He said, “Grace, I’m sorry for touching you in an inappropriate manner. I didn’t mean to disrespect you.”
Now he just confirmed his suspicions. He always had his way easily with girls, but Grace, the reserved, proud, conservative, Course Rep has been tripping for him. Yippee!
“Jeff..I..I really..” she slurred, struggling to find words to say.
All she cared about now was the pleasure she got from this bad boy’s body.
“Yes, It was a mistake. Bye.” She grabbed her handbag and made to leave.

He held her arm firmly. “In between, You said you love me, Grace.”
Feeling embarrassed with tears stinging her eyes. “Yes” she replied.
“Then come to me Grace.” Jeff said with arms wide open. She walked slowly into his arms with her head faced down.

Lying atop of her on the rug, they kissed for a moment and then he asked,
“Should we?”
“Yes Jeff” She said.
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* * * * * * * * * * * * *
(Uzoamaka and Benita sat back and watched the scene in Prof Okechukwu’s office, playing on Benita’s laptop.)

Professor Okechukwu: “Benny baby come, come and sit on my lap and romance me.”
Benita: “Ehhn, Prof you promised that I’ll score an ‘A’ in your course, but how am I sure that you have really done it? You slept with me twice in the hotel and you want to do it again in your office.”
Prof Okechukwu: “I promised you will get an A and graduate with first class, didn’t I say so? Nothing to worry about Benny my love…Let’s make love quick.”

(Watching Professor Okechukwu chase Benita round the table in his office wearing just briefs, they both laughed hard.)
Uzoamaka said, “Heei see dis old man o..person papa…see him small peepee and big belle.” (They laughed harder)
Uzoamaka continued, “You be correct babe. You capture am well! Go and nail that man’s career with this video clips.”
“Trust me babe! I run this game now. I’m not just demanding for an ‘A’ in his course; Prof must upgrade my CGPA from 1.9 to 5.0, he must pay me a million naira and buy me one small car. Else, the entire school will see this video tape, including his poor wife and kids at home. ”
Benita snarled.
“You go girl! Show am say you be Benin babe.” Uzoamaka chimed in.

An hour later after Benita sent the recorded sex video to Prof Okechukwu’s e-mail and WhatsApp account, stating her outrageous terms and conditions, he pleaded with her to keep their affair secret. He wept like a baby on phone while speaking with her, hoping she will have a change of heart. She wasn’t moved. He tried to beat down her price but Benita firmly insisted on a Million naira for a start. She threatened to increase the amount to 1.5Million naira if he failed to send the money within the next 24 hours.

Lying on the bed in her small room, Benita smiled and giggled as the credit alerts kept coming to her phone.
“A milli.. A milli! Yes! Motor on the way!” She screamed in joy!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Guy you mean you laid that girl? Our very own Grace? That ‘Mrs morally good’, ‘i-am-too-intelligent’ Course Rep?” Innocent quizzed his friend Jeff, raising his head up from his laptop. His eyes widened in surprise.
Jeff laughed, his eyes full of excitement, “Yes of course. My nigga, see ehn, all these girls wey dey form ‘voltron’ na dem be the easiest to get. The girl dey die for me.”
He continued. “She even confessed that she loves me so much and wouldn’t mind being my girl.”
Innocent smiled big and hailed Jeff, “O boy! The Baddest guy! Jeffofo! Scorpion king! Guy chop knuckle…you too much!”
Innocent asked, “But do you like Grace? Do you have feelings for her?”

“No! Bad niggas don’t do love. I’m using that girl to pass my courses and get ahead mehn!”
……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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5 thoughts on “Campus Affair (Episode 5)

  1. Just as I predicted.. My guesses were right.

    If it were to be real life, I wouldn’t watch Jeff hurt Grace. Now it makes me remember my days in school. I had a roommate and he was such a bad boy.. I always pleaded with him to stop playing girls and hurting them at the end. All my pleas were to no avail. My heart bleeds for Grace.

    Prof Okechukwu must be regretting his actions. Benita has reduced him to a non-entity and a nincompoop. He is doomed for real.

    Bro.. Nice one, great episode. Ride on!

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