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Campus Affair (Episode 6)


Prof Okechukwu had just resumed back to work after suffering a week-long depression and shock following the mess.
How could his own student reduce him to nothing? He stared at the documents heaped on the table that needed to be attended to. He sighed. He picked up one of the files on the table and was about looking through it when he heard a loud noise downstairs. People screamed in jubilation.

Peering through his office window, his heart skipped a beat when he saw Benita majestically step out of a brand new black spider car with so much pomp and show. She flashed the car keys in everyone’s face. More students gathered round the car in amazement. Some rushed to give her hugs. Two male students lifted her up in the air as if she were
some hero. “Heei Benny-city we go wash am o! Benny baby! Biggest girl! Benita for president! Na u we know.” The students chanted.

Then, Benita opened the car boot, she brought out a set of plastic red cups which were distributed to everyone gathered outside the departmental building. She popped several bottles of champagne as they celebrated her new ride.

“Damn you slut!” Professor Okechukwu Adum cussed as he closed his office curtains, fuming in anger. That was the expensive car he bought her 3 days ago that almost drained his account. He had no choice

A knock came on the door.
“Yes! Who the hell is that! Who? Come in!” Prof Okechukwu snarled.
Secretary Emmanuella looked frightened as she walked into the office, holding a beautifully wrapped bottle of wine. She swallowed hard before speaking.
“Sir Prof, sorry to disturb you. Errm, this here (Emmanuella stretches her hand to hand him the bottle of wine) is from one of your students.”
“Who?” Prof Okechukwu asked.
“Benita, a final year student of Economics…She just celebrated a beautiful brand new car parked out there. And she sent this wine to…”
“Take this mess away and get out of this office you idiot!” Prof Okechukwu cut her short and barked in annoyance.

Emmanuella was stunned by his reaction, “What? Sir? Excuse me sir…Why?” She inquired.
Realising he just overreacted, Prof Okechukwu quickly got himself together.
“Well, take it. I’m giving it to you now as a gift. You work too hard sometimes, you know?” He said calmly.
Emmanuella beamed with smiles, “Ah..Me? Oh thank you sir, I’m grateful, God bless you in the name of Jehova nissi, Amen.”
She genuflected and bowed in appreciation several times before leaving his office.

Prof Okechukwu sighed after she’d jammed the door close.
“Uhhmm..Yes! Yes! Black sparrow” He exclaimed.
He searched for black sparrow’s contact in his phone and dialled the number.
“Prof sir! Morn sir! Your girl is loyal”. The voice from the end said.
Prof Okechukwu replied, “Black sparrow..let us meet at Platinum Hotel by 2 o’clock!”
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Uzoamaka paced to and fro the room with a mean look on her face. She opened the pack of cigarette lying on the side table, She lit a stick, puffed and then said,
“My Prof, that girl fucked you up bad. She played you. Now she owns a good car and brags about it everywhere.”
She puffed again and continued.
“You should have acted fast when I informed you about the sex tape in her possession, the day she showed me. Look, she still has that tape, and she may still use it against you in future.”

Uzoamaka is also one of the several girls in the department who sleeps with the Prof for good grades, unknown to her ‘friend’ Benita.
Prof Okechukwu replied,
“My beautiful black sparrow, I had no choice other than to comply with her terms. She would have sent that video to my wife. Well, that’s not why I sent for you.”
“Tell me then…” Uzoamaka said
“Let’s get rid of her!”
“No Prof! Hei God! I may be a snitch and an informant, but I’m definitely not a hire killer o.”

Prof Okechukwu leaned forward and spoke to her directly in the face, “Listen black sparrow, I’m not a killer either, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.”
He grimaced and continued,
“I assure you you’re graduating with a First class honours. Moreover, With my links, I will secure you a plum job after graduation…come on black sparrow! You know what it means to be a First class graduate of the prestigious Bismark Benson University…It comes with a scholarship to run a Masters degree at Havard University, America. This is something Benita also wants. Would you let her have such
opportunity? Would you?”
“Prof, hmm…You know that has been my dream. So what should I do?”
“Good! Monitor her movements. Tell me the right time to strike, and leave the rest to me.”
“I will!” Uzoamaka replied coldly.

* * * * * * * * *
Almost everyone in Economics department lecture hall wore a sad, gloomy look.
“She was so kind. She was loved. Just few days back she celebrated with us right outside there…She will always live in our hearts. Can we all please stand up for a moment.”,
Grace stood beside Prof Okechukwu on the podium, as she addressed the students. The students stood up to observe a minute silence for late Benita.

She was shot in the head by unknown gun men in her brand new car at the school gate. Right there in the hall, Uzoamaka and the H.O.D, Prof
Okechukwu were filled with guilt. They avoided each other’s stare. Jeff was also present in the hall…
Grace couldn’t look Jeff in the eyes. She was filled with guilt.
……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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6 thoughts on “Campus Affair (Episode 6)

  1. So sad.. Gone too soon
    There is always a risk in blackmail.. Benita overlooked it.

    Nemesis will definitely smile on Prof Okechukwu and Uzoamaka.

    I predict the end of this story to be a tragic one.
    Nice one bro.. I feel you.

    RIP Benita! **sobs**

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