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Campus Affair (Episode 7) Final Episode!

6 months later…
(Sitting up in his posh room, Jeff was ‘phishing’ with his laptop as usual, when another chat message from Margaret Cox popped up on his screen for the umpteenth time. He sighed and ignored it.)

(Yahoo messenger chat)
Margaret Cox: Hi
(3 hours ago)
Margaret Cox: Can we talk now?
(One hour ago)
Margaret Cox: I’m cross with you. I’m not happy with you! You changed. Why go silent on me baby?
(40 mins ago)

Jeff finally replied,
Jeff: You never take breaks do you? Can I live?
Margaret Cox: OMG…My love, I’m too clingy for you now uhm? It’s been 4 long months since I paid in $500,000 into your account, you said you was gonna travel down to the states and we’ll get married in Vegas…
Jeff: Apparently, I changed my mind. You’re too old for me. Come on, you’re 63! I’m just 25. You could pass for my grandmother. I possibly can’t make your dreams and long built fantasies come true. Cougar!
Margaret Cox: You didn’t just say that to me. I feel disrespected. Please don’t break my fragile heart.
Jeff: I couldn’t care less.
Margaret Cox: I get it. This is why you ignored my messages. Why did you have to do me wrong? Unbelievable. I trusted you with all my heart. No! oh no! I can’t believe i’ve just been duped.
Jeff: Screw you bitch. Find some other young blood to suck. Cradle robber.
Margaret Cox: I need my $500,000 back, you lying thieving fraudster! Give me my money you bastard.
Jeff: hahahahaha! Sorry, take it as a free-will charity donation.
Margaret Cox: (typing…)

*With few keystrokes, Jeff deletes and blocks Margaret Cox*
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“You students don’t listen to instructions. I said make two photocopies of your school fees teller, and bring along two passport photos!” Emmanuella yelled at the two frightened ‘year one’ students beside her desk.
“Yes ma!” “Ok ma!” They chorused before leaving.
“Yes, can I help you?” Emmanuella asked Uzoamaka without looking up from the computer.
“Good morning ma, please I need to confirm something now.”
Emmanuella paused and looked up from the monitor screen.
She asked Uzoamaka, “And what is it? Sit down.”

“Ma, I don’t know sha. I just heard rumours o. Is it true that Prof will soon leave the department because he’s travelling abroad?” Uzoamaka asked.
“What? You heard what? You students are so nosey. Will you leave my office and go read your books!” Emmanuella snapped and hissed aloud.

Uzoamaka had stormed into Prof Okechukwu’s office earlier in the day. Word had it that Prof was making plans to leave the country for good. When Uzoamaka confronted him, he laughed it off and termed it rumours.

“Auntie mi…My able secretary! ‘Seke’ of life. Oya take this N1000 for recharge card na Auntie mi.” Uzoamaka hailed the secretary.
Emmanuella smiled as she collected the money, “ehen, this is what you should have done since. You students have money but you cannot us give one kobo, tufia kwa unu.”
Emmanuella continued,
“Oya sit down my dear. What was your question again?”
Uzoamaka repeated the question, “Is it true that a new HOD will take over Prof Okechukwu, because Prof is leaving the country? Is it true?”
“Come”, Emmanuella leaned forward and spoke in low tones, “Yes o my dear. He’s taking along his family. He doesn’t want to make it public yet. We have been clearing the office and moving his things secretly since last week. The new HOD of Economics is expected to resume by next week.”

Uzoamaka was visibly shocked, “Auntie, are you serious!” She exclaimed.
“My dear. Don’t tell anyone, Prof would be mad if the news spreads in the department…But why do you ask? You seem disturbed. Any problem?” Emmanuella inquired.
Uzoamaka faked a smile and said, “Oh no, nothing Auntie Emmanuella. You know, students have become so fond of Prof Okechukwu. Knowing that he’ll not be around to see us graduate in few months time is quite saddening.”
“Eiiiyaa…Oh okay, I understand. Alright, anything else? I need to get back to work.”
“Please, just one more thing Auntie, I want to confirm my CGPA. Can you please check it for me?” Uzoamaka requested.
“My God! I’m tired please. How can a final year student have no idea about her grades?” Emmanuella said with a frown. Emmanuella pretended to be angry and disturbed because she needed more bribe.

“I can’t check it. I’m busy. Oya leave now.” Emmanuella replied sharply.
Uzoamaka knew what needed to be done. She squeezed some naira notes in the secretary’s palm and hailed her again.
The secretary quickly collected the small piece of paper bearing Uzomaka’s details and checked the final year students record in her system.
“Uhmm, Uzoamaka C.I..Matric number Eco-05/3265…ok..” Emmanuella shook her head in pity “Wait! What? 5, 12, 20 carry-over courses? My God! Are you sure that you’re a student of this university? This is not a good result. You’ll be graduating with a mere ‘pass’ degree…that’s after you’ve retaken all your papers.” Emmanuella said.

The walls spun around Uzoamaka as she walked out of the secretary’s office. It dawned on her that Prof Okechukwu used her and lied to her all these years. He never upgraded her CGPA after all. The thought of him leaving the country secretly with his family drove her insane. She needed to do something.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Grace lay on her bed engrossed in her phone, scrolling through Linda Ikeji’s gossip blog. She received the shock of her life when she stumbled on a headline;

It read;
Hello Nigerians, I’m Margaret Cox, a distraught woman who fell for the antics of a younger man I felt was my soul mate. I’m his latest victim.
The young man (Jeff) in this picture is an online fraudster. Jeff duped me of my possessions worth $500,000. People, beware! Ladies, guard your hearts. He has the looks, charm and a sweet tongue, don’t be fooled by men like Jeff. He’s a liar and a beast.
I’ve learnt the hard way that romantic lines said to someone on social media is not the basis of a person’s love for them. Anyone with useful information about him should send a mail to my e-mail address below. Thank you.”

Grace sprang up from her bed in shock, trembling. “ Jeff a fraudster? How can?” she thought. She looked at his picture on her screen again.
It finally dawned on her that he was a player. He was just tagging along all these time, while she was too clingy. He preyed on her emotions and a million unfortunate ones like Margaret. Now, she hated him. A bad boy is a ‘BAD BOY’.

Jeff was probably using her. With her position as a Course Rep, she always handled his projects, assessment tests and course work because she ‘loved’ him, while he missed classes at will. She gave more, he gave less. How could she be so stupid? How could she compromise her morals? And his source of income had always been a mystery.

“I’m also a victim Mrs Margaret. I could help ‘us’…Contact me. #Grace Ayabime”
Grace typed with tears rolling down her cheeks and clicked ‘send’
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(3 days later)

The students of Economics department gathered in groups in the lecture hall. They watched the video tape which had gone viral.
“Guy, prof chop dat babe well o. God punish that wicked man.” A student said.
“Who go believe say Benita fit sleep with HOD? Na wa o!” Another student chimed in.

The Vice Chancellor of Bismark Benson University arrested Prof Okechukwu before he could leave the country, due to misconduct in office.
Uzoamaka released sordid details of her affair with Prof Okechukwu on the internet, exposing chat messages of both parties just to taint his image. She also leaked a copy of his sex tape with Benita on the school website. She had a copy of it before her friend Benita died. Apparently, she had no future in BBU with a CGPA of 0.92, so Uzoamaka dropped
out of the institution and relocated to Ghana to learn a trade.

A week later, Margaret Cox arrived Nigeria with a team of investigators, and with Grace’s helpful information, Jeff and his friend Innocent were apprehended by EFCC for engaging in online fraud. Grace insisted on keeping her identity secret which was granted.
Margaret Cox rewarded Grace with $1000 and a promised invitation to Las Vegas after her graduation.


Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede

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11 thoughts on “Campus Affair (Episode 7) Final Episode!

  1. Good one boss. But she stingy sha. Out of 500k, what she could offered my darling Grace is 1k. Bro, You rock big time.


  2. awesome bro. awesome all the way. I had to get my phone back and came straight here to read before another thing. Nice story, superb ending. well done by brother.
    So grace escaped me. lol.


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