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TYPICAL NIGERIAN WEDDING 3 -Written by Akhigbe Samson

You have to look out for Young people at Nigerian weddings, their conglomeration is almost the most foolish group ever to gather apart from the clowns that gather at any Biafra online forum or free newspaper readers association.

A Young Nigerian hardly arrives at a wedding reception on time except he is on the bridal train or a close family member. When a host advertises 1pm as the starting time, Nigerians born before 1980 or those that received good training will arrive 30 minutes early or late at the most.

That is the reason old people enjoy the best of service at any social event. They’re seated properly, they get choice angles where the service is prompt and A-list.
#YorubaDemons and their female handbags are competing for who comes last to the event.

A typical young Nigerian will arrive at a wedding reception at 5pm and expect to get a VIP seat, he/she expects to get the best of service. They crave the grand entry style reception. While their peers have gathered, they enter like the second groom or bride. Men are fortunate, no matter how late you arrive, fellow guys will give you a grand welcome.

Women are mean as Jezebel. As you enter, fellow witches will size you up in less than 2.3 seconds. In that assessment, they know how much you’re worth. If you’re less expensive, they will welcome you with a deeper Life hug because they don’t want you to use your cheap make-up to smear their #Oshewa make-up.

If you are more expensive, you’re the automatic enemy.
A Typical Nigerian Wedding 1
A Typical Nigerian Wedding 2


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