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My Babysitting Experience: A Tale By The Leolight

Once upon a time in a place not so far away, an easy going guy in search of a change in environment had a rather daunting experience in the hands of a toddler. These were his words,

“Have you ever been at the mercy of a child, a toddler? Well i have, I’m Leo and this is my story.
On a regular Tuesday afternoon, every thing was going smoothly, i was happy, just playing with my nieces. “Nnaa I’ll be going to the market, so you’ll have to stay with ‘baby boo’ (name withheld)” of course it would pose no problem whatsoever.

We were all playing and having a good time, I mean, what could go wrong. My sis on leaving for the market; I bade her goodbye, asked for some ‘goodies’ on her return, locked the door, slumped into the sofa all set to watch my favourite cartoon “spongeBob” seemingly ignoring baby boo playing in her baby walker. As a matter of fact every thing seemed OK until the ‘fire nation’ attacked. Like the (straining/­Screeching) sound made by defective aluminium window panes her cry rent the air, pierced my cochlea sending waves of shock and befuddlement all over me as I ran to the rescue like ‘captain man’; deploying all sorts of funny noises and gimmicks in my inventory to try and get her to sleep.

But she was a girl on a mission and won’t be stopped, not by any of those. She wailed to the high heavens like she was about to bring down the Jericho walls of my sanity, or maybe report me to God himself for perhaps trying too much, as I expended every ‘kid lulling antic’ known to me. I tried giving her food, water…I even changed her daipers twice, Jehovah! I changed it twice. It was frustrating putting on the daiper the wrong way on my second attempt, giving her the look of that bush man in the movie ‘The God’s must be crazy’. I was in dire need of divine inspiration, running out of ideas, i wished these ornamental decorations on my chest were at least useful so I could pacify her with them or at least muffle her loud ‘insane driving’ wails.

Have you ever seen a guy cry? Like really cry, well I…didn’t, Aha!! see them! I know you all want to hear me say that i did. Something a number of deaths, break-up, wound stitching (in the absence of Anaesthesia ) and a lot more couldn’t initiate, but I must
admit, i almost went past that Rubicon.

Well finally her mom came home, had a good laugh at my predicament and just like magic; pulled out those magic wands or bags rather and instantly calmed the storm. Then I looked upon my assailant and behold she was full of blissful smiles and giggles. Well i can’t tell if it was her or just a voice in my head but i could swear I heard it loud and clear yelling; “You have not seen the last of me!!!!!!!”


Ebuka Umerah Leo is a Mechanical Engineering student who has a flair for writing, basically story telling. He loves cartoons and he is a music addict. You can contact him via his e-mail address


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