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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

This week’s column features Okechukwu and Lilian.
Okechukwu is one of my favourite blog readers, he is also a friend to reckon with. This FUTO graduate is an ambitious, extremely fine, vibrant young man whom I’ve known for quite some time. A man who excelled in many fields; From Banking to freelance writing, producing comedy skits and engaging in digital marketing! *Impressive*.

In the course of this interview, I was curious to know his reasons for leaving the bank. When asked he says, “I recently quit my bank job and delved into my area of passion- media and entertainment. Presently, I’m in partnership with an online TV. I help them develop adverts, skits, box pops and scripts. Right now I have more time to add value and content to this venture. I’m leaning my life path towards this direction and I’m more fulfilled than ever.”
Talk about following your dreams! When asked what motivates him, he says “God is my strength and finance.”
My kind of man!

I must say Lilian is one of the best persons I’ve featured on this series. I experienced no hassles and delay getting this easy going lady on board and she absolutely blew my mind. I like to describe her as soft, beautiful and mighty flawless! This Enugu State University of Science and Technology graduate may look calm on the surface, but in her words, “i give troubles to people very close to me. I like to say what’s on my mind when a situation calls for it.” Hahahaha! *Nice*

Scroll down to see more of them.

Name: Lillian Ugwu
Date of Birth: June 11th

State: Enugu
Field: Biochemistry

Likes: straightforward people
Dislikes: pretenders

Favourite Quote: “beauty can be dangerous but intelligence is lethal.”
Contact: Onyinye Lillian Ugwu (Facebook)

Name: Okechukwu Emmanuel Adum aka La Kez
State: Anambra
Field: Project management

Profession: Advert developer /Screenplay writer /CEO La Kez Comedy
Location: Lagos
Likes: smart, honest, creative, funny, and humble people.
Dislikes: Hates dull, proud and negative people.

Hobbies: meeting people, writing funny and scary short stories (yeah creepy. Right?), playing chess (my best game), reading and learning new stuffs (Even the Bible, you should hear me preach. lol), and talking (I enjoy talking with people. Maybe I love the sound of my voice. Lol). I also love taking pictures and selfies (as a fine guy)
Favourite quote: “the greatest revenge you can give to yourself or anyone in life is MASIVE SUCCESS” – Dr. Farrah Grey.

Contact: Whatsapp: 08061569170 Instagram: kez_la_kez Twitter: @kezmiestre Facebook: Okechukwu Emmanuel Adum

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

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Quote of the week-
“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents–start charging for it.” — Kim Garst


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