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An Interview With Project Fame Season 7 Contestant And Rising Star Ugovinna

“Even if you don’t get the trophy, all you have to do is change your approach and you can still come out a winner next time!” Ugovinna is a good example of these words.
Ugo popularly known as ‘Ugovinna’ is best known for his hit song ‘Rain on Me’. A song composed while in the Project Fame Academy. Upon release the song was well received and got positive reviews.
This beautiful, soulful song produced by popular hit maker, Cobhams Asuquo received a nomination in the ‘Best alternative song’ category at the 2015 Headies awards.
Note- If you don’t have ‘Rain on me’ on your play list, what have you been listening to?

Download Rain on Me by Ugovinna Produced by Cobhams here

This multi-talented artiste once served as a director of music for M.I Abaga’s band. He has been a back up vocalist and guitarist for Ego Ogbaro’s band. His distinct vocals can be heard on Vector’s hit song ‘Popular’. He also played the guitar on same track.
Ugovinna has done a couple of features, notably with ‘Rotex’.
His hard work and consistency in the music business is finally paying off, because he has succeeded in grabbing a few good opportunities.
Bismark’s Cave had the pleasure of catching up with this cheerful, extremely humble young man and he was delighted to be interviewed! It was fun all the way.
Enjoy the interview!

BC: We’ll like to have a glimpse into your background…can you please share it with us?
UgoVinna: Ok, I’m the 5th of 6 kids, from Delta state Ugwashiukwu. I have two brothers and 3 sisters. Grew up in lagos, (Ojota and ikorodu)
Ikorodu I remember more because I was now a teenager and music took a new look there for me. While in Ikorodu my Dad became a Pastor after years of being an auditor in a bank.

Although my music started when I was younger, I found a lot of expressions in Ikorodu. I think I found my voice there that’s why the city holds a place in my heart.

I am a graduate of accounting from the Lagos State University. In my early days as a musician whilst I was in school I had guitar gigs. I picked up the guitar after secondary school and it literally paid my school fees.

I played guitars for Ego, Djinee, Nene, was music director on MI’s band in 2011,worked on the Chairman album. Now all this happened a few years before Project fame.

But after Project Fame I worked with Vector on the Lafiaji album, I remember working in Choc city for MI did Internet and public relations.
Was Wajes PA a few years after, worked with Cobhams, Masterkraft, Yung Jon, Kid Konnect, Ekelly, Luciouscrackitt, Shadybizness, reinhard the list goes on

BC: Wow..You have a lot of good history
Winners are not always the first to cross the finish line, you know? But then, you got into the project fame house, your aim was to win like every other competitor. We the viewers could see your passion for music. How did it feel like not winning?
UgoVinna: The aim wasn’t to win for me. It was a desire to be heard.
The money and car would’ve made a lot of difference. But myself and the winner were exposed to exactly the same training, environment,
teachers. I don’t think anybody won more than the other in terms of experience. I didn’t win,in short I was the last of the top 6.
And my music is gathering dust
I was nominated for headies last year in the Best alternative song in Nigeria category, Without a video, For a project fame boy that didn’t win come on I think I won.

I’ll never think of Pfame as a loss it was all wins for me
Download Wanderer by Ugovinna here
BC: It was revealed in the last season (Season 9) that those who didn’t win have a chance to re contest in the next season (Season 10)… do you have any plans of re contesting?
UgoVinna: It’s a nice idea. If am not on tour (Which is my prayer) maybe i’ll think about it,right now am focused on Ugovinna and everything I need to take me to the next level. If that’s what it is then,who knows!!

BC: What lessons did you learn from the project fame academy and has it been a good platform so far?
UgoVinna: Project Fame gave me a new view to the life of an artiste, what it should be like. Although i’ve worked with so many artistes I was only just an arm of their business. Project fame made me recognise centre point. Ugovinna came to life.
Until then I was maybe playing guitar and singing back up. Since then,people heard me, my music,my message Pfame gave me personality,along all the other many lessons of stage craft, Stage management, choreography, lights and camera.

In the house I realised that I had to concentrate on my life and music for three months!!! Everyday. No watch to tell the time, no books, Tv or phones, shut out of the world. You can get bored easily if you don’t really love music so all I could do was think about the music, becoming free on stage, creating something different with every performance, Introducing me to industry personnels. People that are now my friends because of the platform people like Joke Silva, Kaffy and lots more.
I learnt so much in the academy.

BC: Wow You’ve become well connected am officially Jealous.
Has anything changed about you since you became a household name?
UgoVinna: Yeah…My hair. And no, I’m nt a household name yet
PSquare is a household name. I’m still coming up, got a lot to prove to my self, my fans, my family, and everybody that believes in me. But i’m still Ugo, still live in Lekki and Ikorodu as always still hang out with the same people. Things have changed no lie, I can’t go through all these and not change bro I still feel like me though.

BC: “Rain on me” was a huge song. In fact, I still remember where I was in Lagos the first time I heard it on radio. What else should we expect from you?
UgoVinna: Wanderer is out, It’s still fresh. I’m working on two projects simultaneously Omo Mama Caro and Midnight Collections. Both of them are separate projects it’s an introduction to Ugovinna. I’m working on Omo Mama Caro with Luciouscrackitt , while the later is an acoustic body of work, i’m producing it with Cobhams and kaystrings. It’s still in the studio. The acoustic side and the other guy,we’re yet to reveal Only a glimpse of Ugovinna has been seen. Before they’re out i’ll be releasing new singles. Also working on a Christmas album with shadybizness and a group of friends that would drop next month. So there’s much to look forward to.

I’m travelling this week to shoot new videos, Exploring the opportunities our tourist sites hold. Going all the way to Uyo to shoot rain on me, I shot a video for it before,but I wasn’t satisfied. I felt the song deserved more

BC: Your musical style and vocal prowess is exceptional, Which artistes are your biggest influences and inspiration?
UgoVinna: I have plenty o, I really love music and try to find reasoning behind every piece I come across. My influences go from Lagbaja to Fela,Majek, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, MI, JCole,Kendrick, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Jill Scot, Angie stone, Sia, the list goes on.. I try to listen to as much as I can.

BC: How would you describe the Nigerian music terrain?
UgoVinna: Exciting, Difficult, Young, Developing, there’s beauty in the chaos… but I honestly think the industry would do better as the country grows generally.

BC: Any words for your fans? Beginning with me right here.
UgoVinna: Life is not a bed of roses but there’s beauty in the struggle.
That’s life Keep going, Keep believing, and when your dreams are coming through,remember”Only God Can Do This”. Blessings

BC: True Words bro. Are you in a relationship? 😎
UgoVinna: With my music.. i’m still a single man looking forward to meeting someone special soon though

BC: So the ladies can apply ba?
UgoVinna: Yes o

BC: How can Ugovinna fans get in touch with UgoVinna?
UgoVinna: Online- IG and Snap chat @Ugovinna, Twitter @ugovinna_pfame, Facebook Nwaokobia Ugo. And they can always call me too 08117747147. I like the interaction

BC: Thanks Bro
UgoVinna: Thanks bro,blessings
Download Wanderer by Ugovinna here


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