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IS MMM FOR REAL?: By Maduabuchi Innocent Azubuko

The other day, I was going through some blog news when I saw the breaking news of how the Zimbabweans were lamenting over their loss in the global online business scheme MMM.

Reports has it that thousands of people have lost drastically way over thousands of dollars to the online pyramid fraudulent scheme. The scheme has failed to pay off the old and has abruptly dismissed its services last week rendering participants shipwrecked. Hmmmmmm.
EcoCash which was claimed to have worked in collaboration with MMM had distanced itself yesterday from the fraudulent scheme.

The online investment scheme has been flourishing in the past months as the Zimbabweans trooped in numbers for a bid to get rich instantaneously. On this course, the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe warned people that the scheme was fraudulent and there was no legal recourse if at the process they got swindled.

The Central Bank in addition aired its view that MMM was not even a registered or regulated body. EcoCash denied their allegiance in the conformation that its facility was a medium for prospective members to deposit their money.

Now my view on this,
We are all in need to blossom. I know it is quite fathomable, but at whose disbursement? In as much as I want to be sincere with my opinion, I am not in any way trying to daunt anyone. After all, it’s not my business. I have only come to un shackle those whose sense of feeling and reasoning has been monetized.

I am sure we all have heard about the online forex trade business and how it was also a colossal jumble. We should always learn from the past. Definitely, the beginning is always interesting, lots of profits, people referring people, everyone joyfully praising its abundance, but the end always justifies the means. Any business that its source and movement is questionable isn’t legit.

You earn an extra 30% of your deposit after a month, right? Good for you. But have you thought about losing? Have you thought about the origination and ideology engulfed in the business? How do they make their own gains? Is it a charity organisation?

They fictitiously announce themselves as a mutual aid fund where recruited members contribute money to assist others and promises investment returns of 30% each month. You register maybe after someone refers you, you are desperately in need for more money… Yes! They will give it to you. “You are our customers, feel relaxed, we will serve you well”. At first you deposit N20, 000 at the end of the month you get N26, 000. You are now rest assured that you are now in the game. You decide to put N150, 000 the next month and you get N195, 000, wowwww. My gawd! MMM is for real mehn.. ok nah.

Innocent Azubuko

Who says it doesn’t pay? It gives you room to put more as you keep getting profits on a monthly basis. They hypnotise your money yearning mindset to keep putting… “Add more, more… yes keep adding… hehehehe that’s the spirit man. You can do more… add!” Then at a particular point in hierarchy, let’s say 1million naira, 2million, 5million or more. Your money hangs, you don’t get any bank alert as
usual, you then receive an email that the scheme has been suspended. That is if you even get a mail. At such junction you know you’ve lost more than you’ve gained. It is finished!

You now begin to look for who to blame. You believe your village people have now resuscitated your case. You want to follow all this men whose mindsets have been built on the foundation of NAIRABET, sheyy..? Sorry is your name. Kwontinu…! Don’t come and be crying a river here. Social Media is not a pool for tears. Hold it in and carry your
cross. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Jee gwazie ndi yard unu
Maduabuchi Innocent Azubuko ©2016


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